Babies 22, 23- I think I’m falling for you…

“It takes willpower,” said mom one stormy day inside the ranch, where Valentina’s and my fingers were plastered against the window, aching to jump in the mud. “Not to run outside. Trust me, you’ll get you’re reward if you don’t do it.”

Hmmph. Well, true willpower was not to pick up that phone as soon as his car had left and dial his number frantically, and say, “Can you come over now?”

I suppose when we were younger, we did get our reward. 3 sticky mini- chocolates were dished out each. Gella got 4 because she sat in her room and read a book. Well, look where she is now- a famous fashion designer –single, might I add- while I’m the mother of 21 kids and I’ve had numerous love affairs. I can clearly see who has more happiness.

I know what my reward will be. Oh, I know. Bryn Babies? I’m liking, I’m liking!

But I still sat by the phone the whole week, picking up the receiver and putting it down again.



Suddenly the phone rang and I leaped with joy.

Bryn! Bryn!

Calming myself down, while hopping on the chair, allowed me to press the message button.

“Hello, Love. This is your cousin, Drew Grand.  I would just like to say that mom- Winter to you- is finally marrying my dad in August. Macy, though, still has a thing against this whole thing with your mom “stealing” the challenge idea away from her, so I don’t think you’ll get an invite. I love you cuz, b-“

I pulled the cord out the phone. Great, family feuds are NOT the order for the day.


Though at 10:00 pm, when I know he’s home from the station, I give in to temptation and call him.


“Erm, hello, Bryn Windfield?”

“Hi, Bryn, it’s Love.”

His voice was strained and I could hear some disgruntled coughs in the background.

“I got your number, and I was wondering if we could go out!” I blurted, words spilling out dangerously.Screenshot-877

“Love…” said Bryn, and I imagine him running his fingers through his blond hair. “I’m kinda busy right now…”

“Of course! I heard you were interviewing Addy and Ashby! How are they?”

Before he could respond, I heard a woman’s voice in the background.

“Hurry up, Bryn! I wanna make this baby before sunrise!”


The smile froze on my lips. Great. He’s married. He’s married with 2 kids and his wife wants another before the children wake up. His wife is dressed in sexy lingerie and I’m here, in  a spotted black and white oversized t-shirt.  His wife loves him and she’s probably a unique brunette with golden honey-brown eyes-

I stop painting the picture because I was once again feeling my Irish roots take over and I feel like throwing the phone across the room.

“You’re married! You’re freaking married! Leading me on like that! You know, I could just murder you!”

I hear a sort of choking sound and I nod. Yes, choke on your lies, you idiot.

Wait. Wait. That’s not choking. It’s laughter! He’s LAUGHING at me! How dare he?

“Why on earth are you laughing? It’s not funny! You lying little ratbird!”

“Lovie, Lovie ,Lovie, let me make it up to you. Would you care if I took you out tommorow?”


“Please? I need to explain something. What about wherever you want to go?”

Oooh. Now we’re talking.

“Hmmph. Fine. Only for business.”

“Yes, Lovie. Chat later. I’m kinda busy-“

“Bryn! Hurry up! I need that baby, it’s gonna make or break my-“

I switched off the receiver.  I have my kids. I suppose that’s enough.


He met me in the parking lot of the WhatEva Major PlumBob recording studio.

“Where are we going?” He asked.

“Home,” I said.

“Home?” he choked. “Why?”

“I’m a challenge mom,” I said. “I have kids with handsome men.”

He studied my face.


“I’ll be your baby daddy, but I won’t make the baby literally  with you. I’ll donate my sperm and all that.”

“Why?” I asked. He ruined my plan.

“Because I like my friendship with you. I don’t want to ruin over our children together.”

“Fine,” I mumbled.  “Just go to the hospital. I don’t want to see you again.”


I may not see his face again, but I’ll see him in his child. I went to the doctor and he said I was have twins, one girl and one boy. Two of his eyes staring up at me.

When I went home, and unlocked the keys, I saw those eyes looking down at me.

“Lovie,” he said, his eyes darting up and down from my horrified face to my horrifyingly swollen stomach. “How are you?”

“Just sit down,” I said warily. “I’ll get the coffee.”

“So what do you have to tell me, Bryn?” I said, rubbing my stomach to the response of a kick.


“I don’t know how to say this, Love…”

“Just say it, Bryn! I’m sick and tired of this whole facade! I need answers, now! “

Fine. I’m a challenge father.”

Welcome to the world of sims my little babies!

Maybelle Sierra

Mason Sierra


Family pic!

(Buddt needs to get some clothes on!)

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Baby 21-my son Buddt- Topic for discussion (first ever single birth)



I stared at the sign for two minutes before a make-up artist whisked me away.

“What are you doing here? Come on, come on, hurry up!”

She stared at me with distain and fingered my hair.

“No, this won’t do. Not for Bryn Windfield. Let’s get you some extensions.”

That name shot electric sparks down my back, and I remembered my chat with Addy earlier that day.

Addy: Honey, I hope you ended it with Clark. That boy is no longer who Dawnie raised him to be. He’s become twisted-

Me: I have, Addy. It was a couple of kisses, that’s all. I then told him to get lost before Dayla found out. She’s pregnant, anyway, so obviously that didn’t matter-


Addy: Oh, Love, I’m so sorry!

Me: Don’t be sorry. I’ve had four of his kids. That’s enough for me. On a lighter note, did you hear I was being interviewed by WhatEva Major PlumBob Productions? TONIGHT!?

Addy: I heard! Did you know my brother works there as the head interviewer?

Me: I didn’t even know you had a brother. Are you serious? Your brother is Bryn Windfield?


Addy: Yeah, he’s really sweet. I hope you get to have a nice chat with him!

Me: Haha! Let’s hope! I can hear my girls getting grisly, so chat later, okay?

Addy: Okay, see you honey. Bye!

I was lucky that the producer gave my outfit a nod of approval. Thank goodness, I took an hour to get it chosen out.

“In five, four,” the producer said, and I hopped onto the director’s seat quickly, and paid no attention to the seriously handsome man across from me, my interviewer.

The signature music blasted from the loudspeaker, and I felt my hands go all clammy. I hadn’t felt this way since I watched my brothers (RIP) go skydiving.

Wha-a-a-t ever, major PlumBob, this is my, oh this is my show……

“Hello and welcome,” said the interviewer, and suddenly I saw who it is. Bryn. “Last night we got a standing ovation from the audience when we announced we were going to be interviewing a brand new challenge mom on the scene. Many people guessed Alina Taylor. Many guessed Kristine Cheyenne Bell. Many guessed Love Sierra. And those people were 100 percent right. This is Love Sierra, currently on baby 20.”

The crowd clapped and cheered, and I even thought I saw some challenge moms in the crowd.


“Thank you so much Bryn. Yes, I am on baby 20. I wish he had said 100-“ laughter “But what can you do?”

“Ever the joker. Love, what do you find the best bit of your challenge? What motivated you to do it?”


“When you hold a newborn in your arms for the first time. When you look into the eyes and you see that sparkle. That sparkle of life. Why I started my challenge is quite personal…”

Was it just me, or was he looking into my eyes?

No. You must not fall for him, you must not fall for him, must not fall for him..

“and that’s why I began.” I finished.


“Love, that’s an amazing reason. Like all the other moms, you care about children. Have you ever considered just giving up and having more kids with the right guy? Do you think during your challenge one of the fathers could be the one?”


I blushed and turned away. I think my answer was something like: “I’ve considered giving up and doing just that. I suppose the one could be a father. I just wouldn’t want to just have his kids then marry him-“

“I agree,” he said, but his eyes say he doesn’t. “That’s amazing love, and we can hear more on your life at www.icydreamsandsteamydays.wordpress.com . Next time we’ll be interviewing Addy McKnight-my sister- on life, love and her kids-“ standing ovation and so much clapping he stands up-“and giving away 1000 dollars on “Go on, guess!” See you all next time!”

There’s a nervous freeze until the signature music blast out the speakers.

“Meet me in my office in two, please,”he said as an army of people attack him with this call and that.

“Yes,” I said, a worried thump in my throat.


“You wanted me?” I asked him.

“Yes. Would you come to Neil’s Ice Cream Parlour with me? It looks terrible but the food is top notch, trust me.”

“O-of course,” I said, my mouth as dry as the desert.

“Meet me there in twenty minutes?”

“O-okay Mr-“

“Please,” he said, shooting me a heart melting smile. “Call me Bryn.”

– ❤ –


I found the perfect father for my challenge, the teller. So he donated some sperm to me, and I placed it in at the back of the store before Bryn arrived.


COBBLER is yum. Seriously.

I looked up and saw Bryn standing over me.

“Hi,” I choked.

“Hey,” he said smoothly, and sat down with something that looked like a trio of sorbets.

We chatted for a while, drank coffee (pants even split so I got changed) and just relaxed.


Eventually he took me home, and he walked me in. I waited at the doorstep, waiting for a passionate goodnight  kiss, maybe something more. But all he did was say, “Goodnight, Love,” and press a piece of paper into my hand. It read:

“Here’s my number. Call me soon.”

-Welcome my baby boy!-


-Family Pic-


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Filler Chapter- Get out of my life, and never come back- (Hopefully become a hobo but if not, I’m okay).

(Needless to say this is 13 age restriction. All my posts are now classified as this. Strong language is used in this post.)


“Love, this is stupid!”

“That’s what I said,” I cried, pulling my hair into a ponytail and allowing the frustration to grip my hands as they shook with fury. “When you fucking left me and got engaged to a whore!”


“That’s probably what you say to her, eh? I love you, Dayla! I’ll clean up the Grime you leave behind and allow myself to become a trophy husband and-“

“It wasn’t so fucking easy !” He shouted and I was muffled into silence. “It was harder with you than it is with Dayla! Dayla isn’t sleeping with random guys-“

“How do you know?” I responded indignantly.  “She looks like that sort of woman!”

“You haven’t even seen her!” he shouted exasperatedly.

“Maybe you should block her from adding me on Facebook then!”


“Fine. Fine. Just get ready and dressed. We need to talk inside my office.”

“Not anymore.”


“Oh Clarky,” Dayla exclaimed. “I love you!”


I yawned to try conceal the tears forming in my eyes. Clarky. Clarkie-Poo. Snuggle Bugs.

“ Le’s get down to business. Love, since I have custody of our kids,” he said. “Dayla has decided to adopt them-“

“No way!” I was up in a flash.


“You, first of all, don’t have full custody.” I pointed at Clark. “And this whore will never, I say NEVER take my babies away from me.”


“Shut up and get out of my house. Now!”

Dayla sped across the room and said, “Clark, I’ll meet you in the car.”

“I’m going to the bathroom,”  I fumed, ready to let out those tears. But Clark was waiting at the doorway.

“Don’t cry, now,” he said, rubbing hearts across my back, and he fumbled with the back of my shirt.

He pulled me in for a kiss.

“Clark, no..” I muttered, but I was responding to his advances.


And then he pushed me into the hamper and kissed me again, more passionately, and all I could think was….

Oh no.

I’ve fallen for him again.


-Fun Fact-

Next week I’m getting interviewed by Whatever Major Plumbob Productions for being a challenge mom! I can’t wait!


Babies 19, 20- Life is just so grim

Run. Run far away.

The sun was beating on my back and I could hear wolf whistles echo around me. I could only ignore them. My heart belongs to someone else. Clark.

He may be a liar. He may  have cheated on me ruthlessly- and then accuse me of cheating on him, but I still love him. Love him like I did as soon as I saw him.

The wolf whistles I can ignore, but no longer my feelings  for him.

I hovered by the cliff, wondering what to do, spreading my arms out, watching the world go by. That was when the thought crossed my mind.




What is this darkness that surrounds me? I opened my eyes and saw a pretty nurse with long brunette hair shuffle towards me.

“Morning, Mrs Sierra.”

“Miss,” I respond, yawning, and a pang in my nose. I reach towards my nose and I feel a rough scar, the blood dried up and flaking at my touch.

“Here, have some coffee,” says the nurse, the porcelain clanging together and one mug fell off.


“No,” I finished for her easily.


“Anyway,” she said, after cleaning up the shards and coffee that decorated the floor,  she sat down next to me on my hospital bed. “You know you were pregnant, right?”

“Right,” I swallowed, trying not to show my confusion. “Are the babies alive?”

“We saveed them,”she sang. “They are –“


“Really, really dark.”

I sighed. It had been such a good idea to have those Grim Reaper babies. Why did I jump?I could have killed them!

“Give them to me!” I grunted, and ran down the hall to the nursery.


I was only able to pull one of my babies out the room. “Oh, baby,” I mumbled.  “What should I call you?”

I heard a tiny voice call, “Della.”

“No, Skye!”



“Della and Skye.” I said, allowing the small one to wrap her hand around mine. “I think I have twins.”

“Hey,” I heard a tapping on the window, and I saw Della’s face. “Are you okay?”

“I-I don’t know,” I responded, leaning against the doorframe.

“Come here right now!” called the nurse.

“Bye guys,” I called over my shoulder.


“Let’s get you decent,” said the nurse. “You have a visitor.”

“Oh, okay.”

She went out the room, and I changed, hoping it could be the next dad. I pulled my hair out the bun and added extra makeup.

Suddenly the door flung open, and the nurse stormed in with a hot pink computer.


“Is this the famous visitor? Who is it?”

“Cark Turns.”

“I don’t know anyone called Cark.”

“Here’s a picture.”

I stared at the picture, unable to suspect anything, and touched my new nose in shock.

The door flung open.

I gasped.


Babies 17 and 18- I’ve had the time of my life (NOT).

-Dedicated to Violet Newbie’s (Molly’s) daughter, who turned 5 on the day of the party! Smile Rolling on the floor laughingBirthday cake

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“You are far too skinny, Love.”

“You are far too hairy, Clark.”

He threw back his head and laughed, a rough, growl which reminded me why I love him so much, and why we have 4 kids together.

“Fair enough. I don’t really mind your skin- and –bones, but it would be helpful if every time I kiss you I’m not scared I’ll break your bones.”

“Eh, I kinda like your hairiness, but some days I wonder if it’s you I’m kissing or a gorilla.”

He laughed, but this time he looked deeply into my eyes.

“Do you really think I have lots of hair on my arms?”

“No,” I retorted, shocked he was so self-conscious about his hairy arms and chest. “I was just joking, babes.”

“Well, I wasn’t. You still are only a sack of skin and bones.”

“Yeah, yeah. The girls will be over in a min. You need to get into something besides, er, that.”

“What about Adam, Newbie and Ashley?”

“Oh, honey, I won’t  be socialising with them.”

——————–3rd Person POV—————————–

Dawn clutched the drink she was holding. Where was Newbie? Wasn’t he supposed to come? She gripped the glass she was holding until her knuckles turned a bathtub-white.


“Newbie!” her mind alerted her as the man in the black jacket walked towards her.

“Dawn,” he greeted her. “How’re you?”


“That’s great. What are you drinking?”

Dawn had forgotten the glass in her hand.

“Uh, um, Cosmopolitan.”

“I’ll have one of those , too.” As he walked to the bar Dawn freaked out.

“Oh no!” she mumbled to herself. “He knows. He knows I love him. He’s so subdued, he knows, he knows, he kno-“

“Dawn?” Newbie appeared next to her. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” she growled. “I-I mean nothing at all!” Her drastic change in tone made Newbie’s copper brows climb inches up his face.

“Want to dance?”

“Y-yeah, of course.”


“Nice haircut, Newbie!”

“It’ll grow really quickly, just-“

“Newbie, Clark’s calling you,” Violet’s smooth and soft voice interrupted the words that were about to escape from his mouth.

Dawn’s mouth went dry. as he about to say he did it for her?


“So what do you have?” asked Skye, trying hard not to be sarcastic.


“How about a glass of….wine?”


The bartender poured out the glass slowly, and Skye’s face turned purple with frustration.


Amber just rolled her eyes when she saw the bartender.


Adam + Della= ❤


Violet enjoyed Love’s imitation of the bartender.


“I-I-I’m getting t-t-t-tired! Hahahaha! Well, bye bye!” Vanessa was drunk with a capital D.


Adam and Clark were debating who was the better soccer player, Rooney or Ronaldo?

-Love’s POV-


Sunrise was approaching and I stumbled over to Clark.

“You’re an old man, now, Clarky.”

“Hmm, am I? Well, how do you like kissing an old man?”

“Sorry, I don’t kiss Grandpa.”

“Really? Well now you do.”


“Clark!” I giggled as he carried me to a heaven I only knew when I was with him.

-That Morning- Clark’s POV-

I was busy checking my emails when I happened to open Love’s Facebook account. An IM popped in.

Drew Grand:  Morning! I can’t wait to see you in June! Smile Smile Open-mouthed smile

I was interested in seeing the conversation so I scrolled up to see the rest.

Love Sierra: I am so happy for you ❤ How’s Macy?

Drew Grand: She’s good,is what we all think, but honestly, I don’t know. Dad said she’s just irritated at Winter.

Love Sierra: Aww, hope she gets better! xoxoxoxoxo . I love you so much!

I laid my head in my hands. Cheating on me. Love was cheating on me.


“Guess who?” asked Love.

“A freakin’ cheater. Love, it’s over. You can’t expect me to allow you to sleep with every single guy, even if their NOT in your challenge. “

“Clark, what on earth-“

“Don’t deny it. I’m leaving.”

-Love’s POV-

I don’t know what just happened. I just want to forget it. Forget him. Straight away I call up the next dad, Williard Wright.


Welcome to the world:


Oudo Sierra


Hartock Sierra

Sorry, but you won’t get any update from Jerome and Clifton. They were lost when a mod wiped out that game.

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Babies 13,14,15, 16- What would I do without you?



PG 13, again Winking smile It also describes April’s night with someone-you can find out as you read!


After a long , agonizing pregnancy, I gave birth to twin girls, Bev  (named after my mummy)(Red) and Blu (pale).

Ghost girls.

I can’t believe that the twins stayed alive. Clark cried when I gave birth, softly and sweetly, as he held his two baby girls in his arms.

“Clark, you’re a dad.” he told himself, repeatedly. “I love them so much!” he cried, and squeezed my hand.


3 days after the birth of my twins, I got some creepy text messages from Grant. After I told Clark, in the morning, he freaked out.

“Never again,” he grunted, his muscles rippling as he spoke. Apparently he worked out before he came to be my “bodyguard”.  “Will that –“

“Thing,”  I interrupted,  wary of his language in front of the triplets and twins.

“touch you, go near you or keep in contact with you . Do you hear me?”

“Yeah, yeah. Now get dressed, I want to have a good day today.”

So we caught up with each other after our weekend away. He went to go visit his mom in Hidden Springs.

“Mom’s friend Newbie is such a cool guy! I’ve known him for ages. Oh, and mom said that we should have a birthday party for you!”

“No way. No way. Uh-uh.”

“Yes way. You’ve had so many kids in the last while and no play, really.”

“Fine, if I have to go through that torture, so will you.”

“My birthday is near Christmas, hun.”

“Well, did you celebrate it?”


“No! Exactly! Well, we all know you’re 24 now, so let’s celebrate that birthday. I’m just a measly nineteen.”

“Not able to drink yet, small fry.”


“Oh yeah?” I sat on the ledge of the hot tub, and he put his hand in.

“Yes, unless you want to be arrested?”

I pulled him out and poured a glass of wine and swallowed it furiously, swirling  it around  in my mouth like a mouthwash.

“Hey, that’s mine!” Clark made a  lunge for the bottle, his voice serious.

“Yeah, and now it’s mine.” I drank from the bottle, and he grunted “I’m putting the girls to bed.”


I watched from the doorway as Clark got his girls changed.

“Night Bev-y,” he said, putting her in her crib.

“Night Blu-be,” he said, kissing her on the nose.

“You have a way with kids,” I mumbled to him on the other side of the staircase.Screenshot-639

“I grew up as a baby challenge kid,” he said shortly.

We fell silent.







“Love, you know that our last children had a problem. I don’t know if you’d mind, if we, er, tried for another?”


“I dunno Clark, maybe-“


Suddenly he kissed me. I felt my body melt against his and I allowed him to kiss me once again.

He picked me up, carrying me to my double bed and undressed me.  Drunkenly, I pulled him towards me and kissed him passionately. It was like it was my feelings for him were finally being released, in the most special and intimate way possible.

“Oh Love,” he mumbled, kissing my neck’s vampire tattoo.

“Yes?” I asked.

“It’s something you say to someone-you know what, never mind.”

Later that evening, I heard Clark whisper something to me as he ran his hand over the naked flesh on my back.

“I love you, and always will.”


I woke up with a headache.

I turned my head and saw Clark sleeping next to me, his arm over mine, and judging by my sense of touch, we were naked.

“Clark! Clark!” I whispered, trying to catch his attention.


“What happened last night?”

He looked up and saw the beer cans across the room, as well as my and his clothes.

“Is this what I think it is?”


Suddenly a white flash caught my eyes.

The Press.



I screamed and pulled on a shirt.

Clark, in his underwear, pulled the curtains shut.

“Clark,” I said in a strange voice.

“Let’s forget this night ever happened?” he finished.

“For the best, yeah.”

                                           -Later That Month-

We moved houses to the posh Beverly Hills part of Hollywood.

“It’s lovely!” I exclaimed, my pregnant belly bulging out my shirt.

“It is,” said Clark, rubbing his hand in circular movements across my belly.


Suddenly I felt myself go into labour.






“Okay, okay, I’m here!”

He held my hand, and I knew, we would be together through thick and thin.

Best friends for ever.

Welcome to the world


Jerome Sierra and Clifton Sierra


My triplets as YA


My ghost girls!

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Babies 10, 11, 12- I can imagine nothing else but this lifestyle

PG 13. Thanks Smile 


I’m gonna cut to the chase- this was the dad, Oran j. Peil, and these were the kids:


Ellie Sierra, Dreamy Sierra and Griton Sierra.


And- (shock, horror!) I became a vampire for the next baby/babies.  I was so excited to be a vampire I just got a random donor from the hospital. Now happy and pregnant, I decided to give Grant payback.

“Grant, oh Grant, you impregnate me then leave me..there will surely be a consequence.”

“Like what?” he asked, not knowing all of the confusion and hurt he had caused for me to endure.

“Grant, it’s over. Sorry, but-“


“Stop saying sorry, damnit! ” he said, reeling backwards from me.

He suddenly slapped me, just like he had slapped his own wife, and I had slapped her.



I could feel my body fall until it hit the floor below. Half consciously I felt my body hit the stone floor and Grant pull me .


He climbed on top of me, kicking me and slapping me, but I pushed him away, regaining my consciousness.

“Get. Away.”

Scrambling up, looking mortified, he fled from the room, saying nothing.”

It was only when he left I noticed he was wearing Dad’s precious blue necklace from Grandma.

-1 month later-

“Are you sure about this, Dawn?” I asked, running my fingers through my brown-pink hair and allowing a waterfall to follow.

“Of course!” Dawn replied cheerfully.  “Unless,” she queried, ‘”You want him to stay?”

I could hear the matchmaker tone in her voice and immediately responded .

“No, no! Just guidance!”

“Good. Must run, chat later. Bye!”

I took a deep breath and walked through the white picket fence.

Good to raise kids. Well,  he was raised as a 100 baby challenge kid!


I could see into the house.  It was pretty nice.

The door opened and a man on the phone greeted me.

“1 sec,” he mouthed.

I walked inside and I was engulfed by a typical 70’s house.

“Yes mom,” he rolled his eyes. “I will. No, I won’t. Yes mommy. See you. Bye.”


(Baby 50, Clark, of dawnturnersbabychallenge – he’s got some in-game born Wriner genes, says Dawn)

“Sorry,” he said. “That’s mum for you.”

I nodded.

His chest hair was creeping through his shirt, which usually disgusts me, but he pulled it off.

“Now,” he said. “My name’s Clark Turner. “

“Love Sierra.”

“Are you pregnant now?”


“Yes,” I smiled. “I am.”

“Good. “

We spent the next weekend chatting and bonding, and I soon felt safe to say he was my best friend.


He went to mine and I went to his. Our favourite place, though, was the beach.


But one day, the worst thing happened- I had a miscarriage. From Grant’s brutal punches.


I was in there for ages- weeks even. But Clark was always there- always.

When I went out, Clark had asked me a question.



“What is it, Clark?”

“Can I be the father of your next baby?”

I smiled.

“Of course, Clarky. Of course.”                     

                                                                            – ❤ –

It was awkward, at first, as making love to your best friend would be- without falling for him, but trying to fall pregnant.

But somehow, we made it.


-Their baby will be in the next post.

-Kid update-


Here’s Vanessa, Jamie and Riley Smile


And the other triplets ❤

-Hope you enjoyed!

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