Babies 24 and 25- Thank you, honey bunch, give me a kiss



“Where to, ma’am? “

I opened my eyes from my long nap. Hidden Spring is very big. Verrry big. Addy had taken me home from the airport for a cup of coffee and a chat.  I’m not going to say it wasn’t awkward. Because it was.

Addy looked so upset. Ha. I suppose it wasn’t her fault that Bryn insisted I was “going off my rocker”  and took Buddt and Mason into his custody. It wasn’t her fault I had a miscarriage.

Though still she gave me stiff smile and said, “Love, I’ve rented a house for you. Dawnie has a father for you…”

“Thank you.” I said, and cradled my coffee cup in my hand. And I left.


“Oh yes…. 3 Ash Drive….” I stare at the crumpled piece of paper in my hands, with Addy’s scribbled writing.


I’m so sorry about Bryn. I had nothing to do with it, I swear. I’m so, so so so so so so so sorry! Please, please, please; forgive me.

-Addy Open-mouthed smile

I smiled. Only Addy. And my other best friend, Dawn.

That will only be when Bryn allows me to take Mason to meet his half brothers and sister. Hartock will be there already. I don’t know why. He just BBMed me with that.

Arriving at the woodland lodge, I watched the stars. shine above me, and I remembered the plane ride over.


“What, Buddt?”

“Mason threw u-u-p!”

“Oh well, you can’t do everything perfectly, sport!”

Sniggering at myself, I heard a knock at my door. The second last father for generation 1.

I opened the door- and guess who? Henry Turner of Dawn’s 100 baby challenge!



“Love, let’s just have this baby.”

Shocked by his attitude but quite happy, I said yes…but then the door opened and I saw him.


“Love,” his face was tired and stubble was dotted over it. “I need to talk..”

Nodding at me, Henry walked out.

“Okay, Bryn.” I said, but my mind was swirling. What was he doing here? What on earth-

“Love, I love you. I always have.” Stopping for a second, he leant against the granite counter. “Damn. When I think of the times I’ve stopped myself from loving you.. I could just kill myself.

Love, I want you to be mine. Forever. And I want to be yours, forever.”

Before a word could escape from my mouth, he pulled me towards him.



“I want to be yours, Love.”

“I want you to be mine. “

We stared into each others eyes.

“Carry me,” I whispered, pulling my hand across his stubble.

“Gladly,” he said, smiling down at me.

And then I got what I had always yearned for.



My bebes! Hailey and Colton! (Thank you Dawn Turner!)

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I feel like I’m the one who’s dead.-Part 1

I love this area in the house. I can have a nice view of the pool, I can gently tan, and I can watch over the kids with one half-closed eye.

Sadly I have to admit that on the 30th of April, 2012, my eyes were on someone else. Some man who was playing with my twins, Mason and Maybelle.

“Dada!” squealed Maybelle.

“No, May, Dada has to go now,” he said, drying himself with a  plaid towel.

“Another challenge mom?” I called dryly from the armchair.

“A very special one to you and my sister,” he winked.

Hmm? Whoever could that be? Winking smile

“Well, don’t stay out so late,” I called.

“You’re not my mother. It’s in Hidden Springs anyway, so it’ll be a while.” he called over his shoulder, puling on a shirt. “I don’t live here as well. I’ll be as late as I want to.”

“The kids-“

“They know that daddy’s busy!” He said, appearing out the changing room with a fresh pair of  khaki pants. “I’ll chat soon, Lovie, I have a plane to catch.”

He still had time to dress Maybelle  in her favourite shirt. He put an alice band in her hair with a cute pink bow, his hand lovingly patting her on the shoulder.

I sighed. I tried, I know I did.


I watched Maybelle move closer to the ledge of the pool, and as soon as I was about to shout, “May!” she moved swiftly away. It began to be  something I was used to. Something I stopped wondering why she did it. So when she moved closer to the ledge, just a bit closer than normal, I noticed nothing in my dreams of Bryn.


I really thought of nothing until I heard the eardrum shattering scream.

I pulled on the black shirt over my baby bump.

Didn’t fit.

I pulled it over it again.


I pulled it again and again.


Don’t ask. I’m a baby challenge mom, I always am pregnant. I thought it was a good idea at the time. I mean, it was a genie’s baby.

It was like this wretched shirt knew it was a funeral. It knew that I needed something sombre. I hadn’t told anyone it was a funeral besides Bryn. I told everyone to come  dressed as they please.  Maybelle would have wanted that, her 4 year old brother told me, in more of a baby form. He also told me she wanted bats on her coffin.

So it all went as he said. He knew her the most, after all.

I also told( but didn’t mean to) Addy. She sussed it out from my tone of voice over the phone. She said; “Love? Who is it? Bryn? One of the kids? What happened?!”

So I broke down and told her everything. And now I’m at my babies’ funeral.


Everyone added what they wanted to on her coffin. The most touching was Addy and Dawn’s, a single white rose with a small poem on it.

Maybelle was a beautiful girl,

Treasured in her family’s world.

She was a ball of sun

We all felt her fun.

We love you and always will.

-Aunty Addy and Aunty Dawn

Addy must have spilt the beans to Dawn. I don’t blame her. As soon as the other guests found out they rushed out to buy something for her coffin, whether it be flowers or a toy.

Bryn spoke first.

His eyes were blank.

“May was one of the sweetest children I’ve had while being a challenge father. She was cuddly and friendly. She was so many things. She still is perfect. She is the perfect child. She is-“ he stopped and stared at the floor.


“I’m sorry. “ he stood down from the stand. “I can’t speak right now.”


I sobbed on his shoulder, allowing the cheap mascara to run down my cheeks.

“She’s dead,” I sobbed.

“Go say what you feel,” he said. “Confirm your love for her.” I wiped away my tears and nodded.


“I love her! “ I sobbed. “I love her so, so, much..”

I ran away, sobbing. I could hear Buddt hesitate behind me and hear Addy and Dawn’s voice say, “Don’t.”


“Mom, I’m moving to Hidden Springs,” said Clark. I could see Dawn’s appalled face.

“Okay son. I-I hope your son’s okay.”

“Dayla’s left me. Taken Rudolf with her. It’s okay, mom, I’m okay.”


“Can I come in?” asked Bryn. I nodded weakly and turned away from the window.

“How are you?”

“Bad.” I sniffed.

“It’s okay, honey, it’s okay.”

I looked into his eyes. I love him. I truly do.


I catapulted myself into his arms and kissed him.


“Woah..” muttered Bryn.


We fell to the ground and  he responded for only a second.

“Get off me, Love! Stay away from me!”

“Bryn, don’t you love me too?”

“No! I’m your friend!”

He stormed out the room and I stood there, watching. Buddt walked in.


“Pack your bags.”

That’s it. I’m over with this town. I’m moving to Hidden Springs.

“Where we goin?” he asked.

“To visit Aunt Addy and Dawn.”

I picked up Mason.

He’s my only source of May.