Jealousy is the biggest form of flattery- Part one

“What are you doing here so suddenly, Natalie.” He raised the perfectly plucked eyebrow, and I shuddered. Memories.


“Don’t touch me.” I ran and grabbed Blossom from her seat on his couch.

“What on earth, Natalie? I was just busy having a chat with officer Yellow.”

The toilet flushed and a plump man walked out. He winked at me.

“Run along miss and take your daughter with you!”

I gave him a thankful nod and dashed off with Blossom. As soon as I got home it was time for



I know her eyes are half closed but isn’t Blossom beautiful!


Juliet got Jones’ hair and eyes. 


Othello got my hair and what looks like Jones’ whole face.

“Jones? Where are you?”

“Just getting ready for my interview.”

“Let me fix that for you.”


I took the comb and brushed it through his hair very slowly.

“That looks nice- woooah!”


“Told you I’d get you back!” I giggled as I jumped on his sturdy back. Laughing he pulled me along until he deposited me in our pale kitchen.

“So, you said you wanted to talk?” I leant over onto the granite countertop.

Jones never wants to talk. What’s up with him now? More like what’s wrong?!


“Yeah, about that…I met a  woman at that training seminar last week and we’ve been…well, seeing eachother while you were away. I wonder if you’d like to, perhaps, meet her?”

I had to swallow a ripple of distain. I thought he was mine, maybe not romantically, well- just maybe that I was the second most important woman in his life, after his mother. It’s tough being pushed from nearly highest, about to grab it- when suddenly you fall down again. Maybe not fall, that doesn’t describe the feeling well enough. Maybe kick.

I’d felt this all too often- and so had Jones. I can remember our highschool graduation like it was yesterday.

“I would like to say well done to all of our graduates. This is a very happy and important day for us all. All I’d  like to end this off is, well done guys.

We did it.”

I crossed my arms in annoyance . Why is Jones valedictorian? All of my friends ran out the hall to throw up their caps but I said nothing and stayed rooted to the spot.

I was jealous.


“Naddy? Earth to Naddy?”

“Oh yeah Jones. It’s fine. I hear the doorbell, let me get it.”

I could see Jones thinking at a million miles per hour as I left.


I heard Jones click through the back door to leave as I opened the front door.

“Hello…who is this?”

“Joe Blikzem. I work for circus.”


“Haha…your face…” I laughed.

“All I ask is a place to stay for one day before I move on.”

“Fine. But only if you take part in my challenge.”

“Challenge? A race?”

“No, but let’s just say we have a baby.”

“I like babies.”


I sent him up the stairs to get comfortable. Just then Jones walked through.

“Naddy…why is there a fat ugly blue guy in your bedroom?”


“Naddy, I was hoping we could go to the park now to meet my new girlfriend, Rosa.”

“It’ll only take a sec!”

“Fine. Meet you downstairs in an hour.”


She was so beautiful.

While Jones went to get us something to drink, I spoke to Rosa.

“Hi Rosa, I’m Natalie.”

“Ah yes. Jones’ sister?”Screenshot-199

“No, his best friend.”

“He said sister.”

“Well I’m his best friend! My surname is Windfield, not Lemi!”

“Right.” She gave me a glare and peered into my eyes. “ So no relationship? Ever?”


Gosh, won’t she give up?! I have never been in a relationship with Jones!

“Nothing.” I returned her glare. There ain’t nothing like messing with a pregnant woman.

“I see you two have met. How’s it going girls?”
I turned around to see Jones there. He snaked his arms around her shoulders and kissed her on the cheek.
“Well thanks Jonesie,” Jessica said, giving me something that can only be described as a smirk.

“Yeah.” I said, crossing my arms and turning on my heel.
“Naddy! Where are you going?” he yelled after my shoulder.
“To our CHILDREN, Jones.”
Ugh. This is a terrible feeling. I can’t be single any longer.
I need a boyfriend.

*Jones’ POV*

“Hello, hun. I brought you something.”

“Oh really?” She raised an eyebrow and smiled at me.



“It smells so nice!”

“I’m glad!”

I smiled at her and gave her a kiss. Her lips were warm and smooth and reminded me of a time in my life, someone’s soft lips.

“So, Jones, are we gonna give them what they want?”

I pulled her hips from side to side and smiled at her.

“Yeah, sure. if it’ll shut them up.”

I then pulled her to me and I kissed her. Her lips were amazingly soft. Nothing disgusting, no toungues but just her and I. I felt happy. I felt blissful.

The best highschool prom ever.

“Hey uncle Jones, let’s have some pics of you, Rosa and mom!”

“Sure babes!” I laughed at Blossom with her camera.

I held Rosa’s hand and walked off into the distance and took the pictures jokingly with Naddy and Rosa.




But I couldn’t forget that kiss.


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Babies 2 and 3- New Age

The room was small and dingy.  It was summer, but the atmosphere in the room made it icy. I wrapped my arms around myself to warm myself, make my answers less monosyllabic. But no, when i think of that night, I think of the blood on Jones’ hands and he picked up his keys that fell into the pool of blood- I have to swallow gallons of bile.


“Miss Windfield, please answer the question. You will have to, now that your friend isn’t here…”

Damn you, Jones. Why couldn’t you hurry up? I can’t think of that night! No, I can… I just don’t want to.


“I-I can’t.”

“Bull!” he yelled, slamming his hand on the weak oak desk. The vibrations that were caused by the heavy bump of his fist shook his triple chins, the same chins that were dotted with  orange stubble.

“ I told you, I can’t!”

“You are gonna tell me about this murder…or-“

I couldn’t help but reel back in disgust at his bad breath. it was like he had just eaten a hoagie with salami, tuna, onions, garlic and washed it down with a hearty beer. I also couldn’t believe that this cop was acting like this- on Snapped- Women who kill they don’t even interview them like this! Maybe it’s because they were on camera…

‘”Sorry I’m late!” Jones stormed in and I sighed in relief.


“Bit late now, isn’t it? Too late.” The police officer stared at Jones with scorn in his eyes. “I’m done with this interview…hey, don’t look so blue! Or should I say…grey!”


“Your grey eyes…geddit?” He chuckled as he left the room.

“And you…” he said, scowling at me, “Keep your trap shut next interview, and there’ll be trouble, k?”


Once he was out of earshot, Jones came towards me.

“God, that man is an asshole. Come on, got your swimming costume? Come on, let’s  get outta  here.”

“To the park?”

“Yeah, to the park.”


“Naddy…come here a moment.”

Feeling super confident in my yellow barely-there bikini, I walked over to Jones with a spring in my step.

“What’s up, Jones?”

“Look at that fish, Naddy.”

I peered into the icy blue, clear water.

“Jones, you idiot, there’s no fish here, stop lying- AAAAAAAAH!”


“JOOOONES!” I yelled, giggling as I pulled myself out the water. “Revenge!”

“Uh-uh! I’m watching you now!”


“Shut up!”

We giggled for a bit and then swam, only in the back of our minds that Blossom was going to be dropped off soon.

Jones got out and dried himself.

“Hey Naddy, look at this bird!”

“What tat?” I heard a  sweet baby voice say

I turned around to see Blossom’s babysitter holding Blossom and handing her to me. I smiled at her and paid her.

“It’s a birdie, Blossom!”

“Will it kill daddy?”

Daddy? She must have picked that up from pre-school.  Jones acts more like her father than Adrian ever could.

“No, Bloss, but it’s got big claws and it swoops down…”


“MOMMMY!” She yelled, almost in tears.

“Naddy, what did you do?” Jones ran over and took Blossom into his arms. I hate the way she she immediately  relaxed in his arms. She’s my baby, not his!

“Nothing!” I shouted, but then the look on Jones’ face told me that he didn’t really believe me. Blossom snuggled into his shoulder.

“Hey, you can hold her.” he handed her to me.

“Jones…speaking of babies,” I said to him, changing the subject quickly, “I still need a challenge dad. So maybe you can …possibly my baby daddy? Oh jeez, I don’t know how to say this…”


“No, I see what you mean,”Jones said, raising his eyebrow in laughter at me. “Let’s make a baby.”


“No, I didn’t mean it in that way!” He laughed and smiled. “Now, Bloss, let’s swim!”


“What else, then?”

“Rwide.” She pointed a stub finger at the ride that was bobbling merrily around with a little blond haired toddler on it. Once the tot got off, Blossom started pulling towards the ride. Sheesh, this toddler wants it.

“Down down down!” said Jones in a cute baby voice, and Blossom giggled.


“Weeee….” she said, with a big smile on her face.

“Come on, Bloss, hurry up! Only a minute.”


“Don’t sass me, Blossom Rose Windfield!”



“Blossom, I’m going to count to three…” Jones said, but I could hear him crack a little.

“I CAN COUNT TO FWEE!” She yelled.

“One..” said Jones.

“Two…” said Blossom, her annoyance with Jones suddenly eaten away by her excitement.

“Well, would you look at that? I’ve forgotten. What comes after 2?” Jones said, pretending to be confused.

“ FWEE!” cried out Blossom, her curls jumping wildly around her face.

“Yess! Good girl!” Jones picked her up and swooped her around.

Clever tactic.


“Let’s swim now, Bloss!”


“What animal swims, Bloss?”


“Yes! Watch me, Bloss!”

Jones went straight on his stomach and slid down the slide; half laughing; half screaming at Blossom with : “Watch this!”


“I’m next, Jones,” I laughed as he fell onto the grass.

I slid down the slid carefully, but then I nearly had heart failure as Jones took my feet and pushed me down. I stopped myself just in time.


“Jones…” I called over to him. “We need to go now, if I’m going to have this baby.”

“Let’s head down to the hospital.”


“Come, Bloss.” I said. “Do you want a sibling?”



When I found out i was pregnant, we moved out the student complex and into a new house.


(Adorable bump! ^_^ A Jones bump too! XD)

Here’s the house.


Pregnancy zoomed past. Possibly because I enjoyed it.

And soon I was the mom of 2 new bouncing babies!


Othello and Juliet Lemi-Windfield!


“Mommy, who’s my daddy?”

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Blossom won’t stop until she finds out. I was sick of it. Let her find out!

I picked her up and carried her to Adrian’s house.

Memories flowed through my head.




I knocked on the door. Adrian’s face greeted me.

“Hello, Natalie. Who do we have here?”

I didn’t need to explain to him. He stared at Blossom’s blue eyes- the same eyes as his.

“My daughter…”

“Yes, your daughter, Adrian. Now , let her know you. She wants to know who you are. And she will find out.”

I shoved her into his arms.

“I’ll be back in half an hour,” I called over my shoulder.

Halfway home I got a ring on my cellphone.


“Miss Windfield, this is Officer Yellow here.”

Oh, thank goodness. That orange haired officer wasn’t talking to me.

“Hello, officer.”

“I recently heard you’ve been in a relationship with Adrian Coldon.”

“…Um, yes. I was.”

“Please refrain any contact from Adrian. He is the number one in the murder of Tammy Rears.”

“What? How is he even related to it?”

“Fingerprints. And we have a motive…she was his ex-wife.”

“Well, thank you for the information, officer. Bye!”

I ended the call with a sweaty finger.

Oh hell.

I’ve left my daughter alone with a murderer.


2.3- Why, hello there!

Ok guys. This is my first baby challenge post. You excited? You betta get into the challenge mode because I am so pumped for this!

False alarm.

I’m not pregnant.

Ha! Really got you there for a moment, huh? Of course I’m pregnant. But it wasn’t that night.

It was the next month.

No, I didn’t end my affair with my teacher. I knew it was morally wrong, trust me, I have got a slight bit of a brain, but who knows? I’m insane that way. I’m clever, but really, really stupid.Screenshot-146

After throwing up the contents of my stomach I went straight home. I sat at the edge of my bed. Who to go to?

My mom? Ha. Across the country. No. She would hate me anyway.

Dad? No way. He’s busy now.

….Adrian? NO. NO. Pretend I’d ever said that.


Oh gosh. Why had I not thought of this before? STUPID! STUPID!

It was obvious who.


How on earth did I not think of this sooner? Jones is my best friend. He understands everything. I’m even comfortable telling him about my affair with Adrian.

I whipped out my phone and dialled his number.

“Naddy! You didn’t come to classes today! Where were you?”

“…At Adrian’s house…”

“Adrian?! Our English Lit. teacher?!”

“Jones…please calm down…”

“I AM CALM!” He shouted, and there was an awkward silence before he started to laugh. I couldn’t help but splutter with laughter.

“Sorry, Naddy, but can you tell me why on earth you were there?”

“I was getting some college application forms for Cassandra.”

“Bull! Cassandra’s coming in a week, she wouldn’t need a form.”

“Jones,please just come to the hedge behind the Science Lab.”

“Naddy…please tell me you’re okay.”

“Jones, I’ll see you there.”

I have never felt so sick.




I fell into his arms and cried. This was the worst day ever. I’m pregnant with a man I hardly know’s child, and my best friend freaked out. Oh my soul, I can’t handle it.

“What’s wrong?” He put his hands on my shoulder and I stared at him.

“I’m pregnant.”

His face showed no emotion until he clenched his fists.

“I’ll kill him.”

“Calm down.”

“Why did you let him do this to you, Natalie?!”

“I couldn’t help it! I was tempted!”

“Natalie, might I remind you that you’re 17 years old? You are still a baby!”

“A baby? Jones, I AM old enough to think for myself!”

“Then why are you pregnant?!”

I was stung. I couldn’t respond- I knew he was right. I was a baby, a stupid baby who was out of all things- pregnant. Jones softened as he saw my face and pulled me into a hug.

“There there, Naddy…”

“I’m sorry, Jones.”

“I swear, I’ll beat the living daylights out of that  man for causing this.”

I ignored that, because Jones is too sweet to do that. Then again, I had never seen him so angry.

“Do you have a bump?” He asked me.

“Yes.” I said, surprised. “Wanna feel it?”

“Of course.” He said.


“Say hello to uncle Jones! Hello! Awww…”

“You know you would be the perfect dad, Jones.”

“Ha! Thanks.”

“Maybe one day you’ll participate in my challenge.”

“You’re doing the challenge?”

“Well, if I have one, why don’t I have a 100 of them? And stop avoiding what I said.”

“I have no problems with the children…but I don’t want to ruin our friendship.”

“Artificial insemination.”

“Sure, then, why not?”


We stood in awkward silence for a minute or two, until Jones asked: “Did you get pregnant at your first time with him?”


“So how long have you two been together for?”

“A month.”

I could see him clench his fists, but he waved goodbye to me and said: “I’m heading off to Advanced English Lit.”


I was soon in my third trimester.  Pregnancy was tough, I’ll admit. I don’t know how I’ll make 99 more of them.


After I had changed that morning, I head off to English Class for the first time in months. I couldn’t wait to see Adrian’s face when he saw my bloated stomach.

But when I had set off to class, I received sharp pains in my abdomen.

“Damn bladder infection,” I said, and took my seat. But Adrian was late.

After about 15 minutes of waiting with Jones, Fenny and Ronald I stood up to leave. BUT then a trickle of a sticky, pungent smelling liquid ran down my pants and the abdomen pains got stronger.

“Jones,” I yelled, and fell to the floor, “I’m in labour.”


For the next 2 hours Fenny helped me try to birth the baby. It didn’t work. Fenny then left and told Jones to take me to the hospital.

It was too late, though. I was already about to welcome my baby into the world, behind the hedge where I had met Jones several months before. Ronald, who’s gay, helped birth my baby as he’s also a med student.

“Congrats,” he said, handing me a baby. “It’s a girl.”

Holding my baby girl in my arms I realised, I’ve began this challenge and I wont stop it until it’s over. This baby means the world to me. This baby is my own flesh and blood-my face and genes staring right back at me. A new kind of euphoria. Yes, I want to feel this again.


I stared at my baby girl and I thought of a song for a moment. Soon I could hear it, and then I realised I was singing it, ever so softly.

If love was a word, I don’t understand.
Simplest sound, four letters.
Whatever it was, I’m over it now.
With every day, it gets better (it gets better)
Are you loving the pain, loving the pain?
And with everyday, everyday
I try to move on.
Whatever it was,
Whatever it was,
There’s nothing now.
You changed.
New Age.

“Hello, Blossom.” I said, and held my baby in my arms. “Hello Blossom Rose Windfield. I love you, baby.”


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1.  Thank you Becks Best for the lovely photoshoot of Natalie, Jones and Cassy. (Cassandra.)

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2. Ashby Lemi for letting me use Jones.

3. You, dear readers. Thank you for everything. Especially reading.

Now, back onto the story!

“Jones, what’s wrong?”

He had stopped staring at Blossom and was now even paler than before. His fists clenched and he stared at the object with strange eyes.

“Natalie…Stay away. I’m calling the police.”

“Jones, tell me for goodness’ sake!”

Before he could stop me I ran up to see what was going on. I shoved Blossom into Jones’ hands, and threw up twice.

There was a woman’s body, her face mauled and her legs and half her face sliced off.

She was dead.


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2.2- When you just know

This post is rated M. Why? It’s a 100 baby challenge. This first father she will actually be in love with. So you have been warned.

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Natalie’s POV

The classroom was tiny. There was 5 desks, one occupied by a young man, who had two be in his thirties. Judging but the large computer he was typing furiously on and the small crows’ feet that was crinkeld around his eyes as he smiled at me as I walked in, he was the teacher.

“Now, young ones, by the end of this lesson I want a short story from each of you on the first thing that comes into mind when you see me. And from that vision I want you to base your story around it. Don’t be too discreet,” he said, a flicker of a smile passing his his face. His eyes travelled across the classroom and his eyes rested on me, in my skin-tight jeans and my tight shirt. His eyes travelled up higher, and I could see his eyebrows raise at my no longer flat chest. Yes, there was a divine intervention and suddenly, I wasn’t a baby anymore.
“Natalie Adella,” he said, walking around the classroom. “16 years old…not much of a baby, I see. Welcome to advanced English. There’s one avalible seat, next to John-“

“Jones,” Jones called out.

“Yes, Jones.  Please make yourself comfortable, as you can see Rogan and Fenny did here. This is your desk, not mine. I see you heard what I said? Right, well, I’m Professor Coldon, but you can call me Professor Adrian.”

He went straight back to his desk and started typing furiously.


I sat down and smiled at Jones, who was furiously  typing. I began to type and looked around the class.



“Natalie, can you please come here for a moment? Class dismissed.”

I went up to his desk and waited for a moment. This man was the most attractive man I had ever met.


“Proffessor Adrian?”

“Natalie…I have just read your story. Amazing.  You are very talented, Natalie.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“Call me Adrian.”

“Thank you, Adrian.”


Raising an eyebrow, he said to me, “You are completely different to your writing.”

“Maybe that’s what attracted me to you.”

He gave a low chuckle.

“You didn’t deny it.” I didn’t know where this new me was coming from, my mouth opened and spoke itself.

“No, I didn’t,” he said. “Because that would be lying.”

“So you like my writing?” I asked, changing the subject.


“I love it,” he said. “But what I wanted to know was if you’d like to come to my house tomorrow?”


“Great. After class I’ll take you home.”

I walked out, with a smile on my face.

He loves me, I just know it.

-The next day-

“Class dismissed,” Adrian said. I walked over to him, in my shortest skirt. I wanted something to happen tonight, but I didn’’t know what.

“Ready?” He asked.

“Yes, Adrian.”


He held out his hand for me to take, and I hesitated. This man was roughly 33. I’m only 16. I know what happens here- I get pregnant.  But this is my English teacher- that wouldn’t happen, right? Right. I took his hand and said: “Let’s roll.”


“Come sit,” he said, patting the seat next to him. My feet were so tired they sat down on their own.

“You must be cold,” he said, putting his arm around me.

“Freezing,” I said, snuggling under his arm. This was perfect- a lovely man, a good education and my best friend. Life couldn’t be better.

He looked at me for a moment.

“You are beautiful, Alie.”

Without saying anything I kissed him softly. He responded softly for a second, then his mouth pressed harder on mine. I soon felt his tongue slither into my mouth.


“Oh Adrian…I want more,” I said.

“That’s what you’ll get,” he said, and unbuttoned his shirt, and slowly pulled away mine. He then unzipped his pants.

He discarded his glasses on the ground.



He carried me to his double bed and I realised…I was about to loose my virginity.


“Make love to me, please,” I said. Oh great. Now I sound like a hoe.

He stared at me for a moment, with expressionless eyes, and showed me exactly what his awnser was by pulling at my bra strap, and letting his fingers crawl up my leg and pulling down my remaining clothes. I saw him staring at my body and suddenly I felt self conscious, like a small 14 year old. His lips formed the words, “Such beauty” and then kissed me, his lips soft and delicious. I didn’t feel nervous at all as he pulled off his shirt and his long torn pants and crawled on top of me. I couldn’t help but think we were forgetting something…but I mustn’t think of that. Live in the moment. I could feel his hands softly trace down my breasts, and I stared up at him. No, his eyes weren’t expressionless now. They were full of lust. Slowly I realised he wanted to enter me. I was just 16, was I ready? There was no chance to stop him. My body said yes yes yes. I soon felt the most delicious ache ever, the ache of two becoming one. I bit my lip to stop myself from crying out in bliss. Just from the movements of his hips, he was no virgin, unlike me. Slowly, I felt myself returning his hip thrusts. Yes, I wanted this. I wanted him

Yes, all I could do was return it.



I stared at him. He returned my stare. My thoughts were blissful, but then it hit me, like a ton of bricks.

“…Adrian…I think I know what we forgot?”

Pulling me in, close to him, he mumbled: “Mhmm babes?”



arrrrrrrgh. Sorry this post is a) disgusting and b) badly written. But, hey, you still love me, right? RIGHT?!

-Hannah (I used to spell my name wrong in grade 5 –_____- )


2.1- Explanations

Many of you knew of the fight that occurred with me and two other girls, both of who had vital characters in Generation 1.

But that was lesson learnt, ( a) dont trust those sorts of people and b) never depend your whole storyline on  someone else’s characters.) and now I have made a plan. I hope you don’t mind that we are skipping to Gen. 2, but I can’t use their sims without starting another overreaction. So please, please, forgive me dear readers for this inconvenience.

I would also like to dedicate this post to several people.

1. Laura and Sara- I just video chatted (?) with you guys and trust me, I was dying too , Sara. It was a pretty scary time for me as well. xD

2. Caitlyn, for giving me a few basics on where to start my challenge and helping me fight spider-ant invasions.

3. Karni, my ranting buddy. xD Plus she gave me about all the names for the first 30 babies in this challenge. So if you think any name sounds awesome, thank her.

I can’t thank you guys enough.


Time flew, and many things happened. Love and Bryn married, then  divorced after Love found out he had cheated on her. Natalie met a life-long friend, Jones Lemi at the wedding.  He was brought by Violet Newbie, because he was going to a boarding-school as well. Although of the 4 year age gap, that made them closer, because Natalie could be a bit overly-mature.


Natalie was an over achiever when she was a child. She was soon knocked up into Jones’ grade. Jones never showed that he cared that much, but there was always a friendly rivalry between the two. When they were children, Natalie usually won.

But when they were teens Natalie and Jones’ rivalry became as tough as ever.  Unsurprisingly, Jones began to catch up, and soon he became student body president.  Natalie, of course, was crushed, but she felt happy that Jones became something special.

Jones and Natalie stayed BFFs during high school. Their close bond, as what always happened with teenagers, got people questioning them. Of course, they denied it with such scorn that it scared off the other kids. They swore that they were just friends.

Though they went to prom together.

That was a very clever move of them. Firstly, it would get everyone off their backs about dating eachother once they “broke up” and secondly  Natalie was a gangly awkward girl who had no boyfriends. Jones had many girls that chased after him, but out of his plain sweet attitude he went to prom with Natalie.

Once Natalie went to prom with him the school children started to ignore them. Jones’ girl followers slowly declined, and because of this Natalie Adella (Naddy to Jones) and Jones became tight knit.

Then one day, fantastic news came in the post.

Natalie and Jones had won a scholarship to Plumbob University.

~Natalie’s POV~

I sat in the playground and watched the children weave in and out between obstacles. If I had ever done this as a child- I don’t want to remember it.  I can’t imagine being a young child- having almost no life, no worries, but just to scream and jump around.


College. That word- it was too strange, too unknown for me to even mutter. When I said it my tongue dried up and all it’s moisture went to my palms. Ugh, it makes me want to throw up.

Because I’m only 14 and going into the biggest stepping stone of my life, I wonder if the teachers were 100  percent  fine up there who knocked me up 4 grades . I can’t handle this. I can’t.

“Naddy…there you are. I was looking all around the town for you.”

I looked up and stared at my best friend. Being 18,  he was mentally and physically ready for college. Me? Mentally, maybe. Physically? My A-cup bra is too big.

“Hi, Jones….”

“What’s wrong?”

Another reason we’re friends. Mom and Dad just nod at me when I’m in a bad mood. Jones, he knows when I’m upset, and why.

“Is it college?” He asked.

I nodded.

“Jones…I’m scared. I’m only 14.”

“Oh, Naddy,” Jones said, patting me on the back. “It’s fine. Hell, I’m scared!”


I couldn’t help a sad smile creep over my lips and I gazed at him, with tears in my eyes.

“You? Scared?”

He smiled at me.

“Yes, Naddy, I’m scared too. No need to cry, I’ll be there with you.”

“I guess.”

“You can’t guess, you have to know. Which you do.”

I was about to respond to him when a young photographer came up to us.

“Hey, guys, I’m doing a project on people of the city. I’d like a pic of young love, if that’s okay..”

“Not young love. But I’m fine with a pic or two…if Natalie is.”

“Yeah…I guess.”

“Well, get into a comfortable pose, then!”

“Com, Naddy…”

Jones pulled me up and put his arm around me.

“Jones…I’m soo tired. Tired of waiting.”


“Waiting for what?”

“To do this baby challenge. 100 stupid babies.”


“I really don’t like kids.”

“Naddy…I was an 100 baby challenge child.”

“You don’t have to have 100 of them.”

“SMILE!” said the cameraman. “Give us a pose, hun!”


“As I said, Naddy, your mom said you only have to do 25.”

“I don’t know…I don’t want my children to grow up with that nagging feeling that they need to have 25 babies. I may do 100.”

“Hey, why don’t you have some of your kids at college? It would be over and done with then.”

“Good idea. “

I looked into the distance after a while, and all I could think, as I usually do, getting a word of advice from Mary. I’m not Catholic, but once I went to Rome with mom and those paintings of her were stunning…with her beautiful blue robe and majestic face. All I heard was, simply,

“Good luck, my child.”


I hope you enjoyed this post and are looking forward to the rest of Natalie’s 100/25 babies. I hope you also will give me some feedback on this post! Open-mouthed smile

Thank you guys for understanding.



1.4- We are young….

Hey all my lovely readers! I’ve recently changed BACK here because I will be using this place very soon and the transition is easy if I post now . Open-mouthed smile  Now, onto the story!

“We’re in the city of love-“
“And sex.”
“Shut up!” Todd(my gay younger brother) yelled, putting up his left hand as if to silence us. “You girls are beyoond me.”
“Todd, lighten up! We’re-“
“Shh!” He held up his left hand again, as if to silence us. “Hot guy alert!”
I whipped my head around.
“Todd…that’s Logan.”

As only a gay younger brother could, he smiled at me and said, “Watch me.”


a week before

“Mom! Mom! Mom!!!!”



Her curly head popped around the curve of the wall and I smiled to myself. My little girl. I love her so.

“Aunt Ren is here!”

My heart rate picked up as I thought of meeting my soon to be sister in law. Oh God, this woman is giving me nightmares.

I could see Addy opening the door and greeting Serenity.



The girls glanced at each other and gave each other a curt  nod.


“So..time to meet Love, the woman who finally got Bryn, the commitment freak, to settle down.”

Addy laughed.


“Yeah, Love’s okay. When you see the effects she has on Bryn- it’s really quite funny actually. I see you met little Natalie, the latest addition to their brood?”


“She told me, with a smile only an eight year-old can have, that her name was Natalie Adella.”

“She’s a sweet little thing. “

“Yeah. Now, lets go talk to Love.”

I took a deep breath. Okay. Just Serenity Woodrow. Nothing scary about her!

Okay, I’m very scared.

Addy said to me herself, “I’m the badass twin with the knife, and I’m the good one out the two of us.”

“Love!” Addy calls, and I swallowed hard. Breathe. Yes, thats the key. Breathing.

“Serenity Woodrow,” she said and shook my hand.

“Love Sierra,” I said, returning the shake.

“So, Love,” she said, looking at me in such an intimidating manner that I wanted to cry.  “When did you meet Bryn?”

“When I was 19 years old.”

“How old are you know?”


“Right well, Love, you know I’ll be staying here until the wedding. So please let me settle in…”

“Sorry. I’m g-g-going..”

I dashed out the room and felt sick to my stomach.


I didn’t know why, but Serenity scared me like hell…


I walked right back into my house just to see all the girls surround me. (And Tom, of course.)


“So, Love, last days of your freedom as a woman are approaching.”

I cocked my head at Becks, who was holding a telephone directory.  She shut it quickly.

“Love..come here, a sec.”

I walked over towards Ashby. Suddenly I was grabbed from behind and I let out a scream-but it was too late.

“Hey, Love, this is a real great bottle of champagne,” Becks said.


I felt a bit left out at my own bachelorette party; possibly because Todd was the centre of attention. I can’t lie, gays are AWESOME, but this was just a bit…over whelming.

When I looked up, though, I saw a whole new girl…


“Becks…No! No, Becks! No-“



“STRRRRIPPPPP!” Yelled Todd.

He attacked me and pulled off the dress that they had shoved on me.

“I feel alive!!!!” I yelled. Life was great.


Someone’s been a bad, bad girl…”

Huh?” I turned around, and pulled on my dress for modesty. “Who is this?”

“The police. Open up..or we’re here to arrest you.”


“Why?” I called out.

“For being too damn sexy…”

I felt washed over with relief.

“Come and get me, boys!” I yelled, much to Todd’s delight. “Come and get me!”



“Wow, guys, I had a great time!”

“Good, Love…but it isn’t over yet.”


“Love, I have the honour of telling you…for the second part of your bachelorette party…we’re going to New York. With Logan Fey.”