Hi mom and dad…

“You have some pretty old pics in here, Jones.” I was on my way to Hidden Springs to participate in Logan Fey’s 100 baby challenge. It would be climate change from the middle of the desert to a lush forest.

I was flicking through a photo album that Jones had found ina few suitcases, that I was using. After Jones nodded simply at me, I turned another page and an old photo of my mother fell out. She looked like she was in her early 20’s.

Lovie <3

“Your mom,” Jones said, staring at the picture of my beautiful mother. Ugh. I don’t like her.

The car radio then started to sing Karmin’s “Broken-hearted”:

See I’ve been waiting all day

For you to call me, baby

So let’s get up, let’s get on it

Don’t you leave me brokenhearted tonight

Come on, that’s right

Honest, baby, I’ll do

Anything you want to

So can we finish what we started

Don’t you leave me brokenhearted tonight

Come on, that’s right, uh,-

I switched off the radio with a grumble.


“I hate that song.”

Jones mumbled a response.

The taxi was slowing past a familiar blue house. I felt a sad pang.


Just before we turned up at home I whispered to Jones: “Please be nice to my parents. Please Jones.” He nodded in response and I got out the taxi and was greeted by my mother and father, and aunt Addy and Ashby on my way in. My parents sat us down in the living room.

“Natalie…I have some news for you. Your father and I are back together.” Once the words were out of my mother’s pretty mouth I was hurt.


“I know, mom, it’s pretty obvious. All that hurts me is that I didn’t find out first. I am your only living child of yours together.”Screenshot-462

Dad winced.


“But what you must understand is that it’s hard to tell you. Hell, you have your problems too. You were the one to have a child with your professor, Natalie Adella.”


“hey, no, now Bryn, that’s a low blow. Natalie is only a kid. She has to learn someway.” Addy added.


“Yeah, babes, don’t start it. Bryn and I have news as well…to you too, Addy.”


“Yeah mom?”


“I’m pregnant.”

“Are you kidding me mom? Are you freaking kidding me? Are you gonna rip up this poor kid’s life like you did to mine? I watched and found out about both of your affairs!” I yelled. “I had the worst childhood anyone could ever have! Please guys, can’t you freaking ever use birth control?! Dad, you’ve had more kids than I have probably! This challenge, that challenge! Mom, you sleep with every guy you’ve met! I wouldn’t be surprised if you had a kid with my freaking grandfather!”


“I-I’m sorry…”


I ran out, with Jones on my heels. I didn’t know where I was going, until I stared at the sign on the door.

It was my highschool.

Students were coming in for short classes and out of their night classes. I stared at the familiar flow of human traffic and smiled, for the first time that evening.

“Hey.” Jones caught up with me and put his arm on my shoulder. “Let’s go and sit down in the Senior quad.”


“it’s chilly…Fall is on it’s way.”
“Yes. It is getting cold.” He wrapped his arm around me and i felt content.
“Look at that star, Jones.” After ooh-ing and aah-ing over the star, I stared into his eyes, saying, “I can’t believe we’re here, where we were in highschool.” he said nothing, but lowered his lips to mine and we kissed, softly, but then more passionately.




“Let’s go home,” I whispered, as onlookers gawped at us. He nodded and called a taxi. On the way home we continued kissing, strongly and happily.

Then when we got home, we made love tother all night and eventually fell asleep, our arms wrapped around eachother…happily.

As i woke up and pulled away from Jones’ grip, he woke up. While dressing we decided that it was a one night stand and that was all. He nodded and told me, “Oh, and while we’re at it…last night I saw a lump on your breast.”Screenshot-477




Getting back into the zone

Note: Reading Becks Best’s post will be better to understand this. http://www.adifferentkindofchallenge.blogspot.com/2012/08/hide-and-seek-lucky-palms-chapter-2.html

“Natalie, seriously. This is my last warning to you. Get up. It’s time to get up. Gettttt uppppppppp.”

Oh, no, before you assume I’m going back in time and my mom is waking me up for school, think again.

“Naddy, this is really unhealthy for you. Don’t do this.”

No, it was my best friend, Jones.

“It’s only 5…”

“5 pm! Get up! Get up!”

“Fi-ine.” I mumbled and got up. As he left I changed into some old jeans and a kitty top. I wasn’t in the mood for fancy clothing.

But then I traced my lips with dark lipstick, did a smoky eye and fixed my hair. A little makeup did no harm to anyone. And my hair- my new short hair was waving slightly to the side. I liked myself the most right now.

I just hoped the guys didn’t.

I’ve gone on a break from guys, for a while. After this who would want to date again. There was a guy I met at Cassy’s engagement party- Alexander Anders, I believe. He was cute and sweet- but no-one is in my future.

I walked into the living room and saw Cassy there. I sat next to Jones and grinned broadly.


“Cassy!” I said, smiling broadly.

“Nattie,” she smiled, sitting down. “Now, my darling MoH, we need to chat. Now, Alex, Robin’s friend from the military- who works with his best friend Guy- you were talking to him at my engagement party, right?”Screenshot-430



“Who is this?” Jones asked.

“I just told you, Jones!” Cassy laughed. Jones was silent for a moment, as if he was thinking.

“So, he has the hots for you Nattie!” Cassy laughed so hard she sounded like she was cackling.  “The poor boy! He was flushing like he had a disease when he asked if you were the Maid of Honour, and he asked me then “ does that mean I have to walk up the isle with her?” and then when Robin said yes, he said , “I have to touch her?” “


“And then Robin said, “she smells pretty nice, what’s your problem?” and then he flushed again and said “she’s pretty.” So then I interrupted and asked, “does little Alex have a crushie?” and he went beetroot, seriously!”

“Don’t kill the poor boy, Cas.”


“Well Cassy I think it’s time to go. Natalie is really tired. Bye.” In one swift movement Jones stood up and shooed Cassy to the door.

“Jones! What was that all about?” I asked, fumbling with the hem of my fraying jersey.

“Cassy can be so annoying sometimes. I was sick of it.”

Jones stormed out the room.

I was confused. Usually Jones was amused by Cassy’s annoyingness. I had never seen him that pissed off at Cassy before.

I sighed and walked out the room and into the kitchen, mumbling something. Ever since Jones had welcomed me home, ever since his lips had spoken of his childhood, he had been freaking out.

I was lucky enough to walk in on my darling girls growing up. Amy and Christine are so beautiful, I’m going to miss them so. At least they’re only teens now.





I faintly heard my cellphone ring in my room and I ran to get it. Cassandra’s name showed up on the caller ID . 

“Hey Cassy!”

“Hey Nattie! What was that with Jones?”

“I don’t know..” I sighed. “Was he PMSing? He should really get that checked out!”

We both laughed like idiots. “So, why did you call back, Cassy?”

“Well…” Cassy let out an excited squeal “I got you a date with Alex!”

As soon as I heard those words I realised that I kinda did wanna go out…just a little. It’s not going to hurt anyone, now is it?

“You didn’t!”

“I DID” Cassy squealed again.

“When and where?”

“He said he would call you, so quit talking to me! Wait for the call!!” Cassy said bye and hung up.

Not too long after, my phone rang again.


“Um.. Hi.. Is this Natalie Windfield?

“Yes it is.”

“Um this is Alex, we met at the party… would you… um like to go on a date or something… with me?”

Alex stuttered. Even over the phone, that guy was a nervous wreck.

“Of course! What time?” there was a long pause. “Alex?”

“oh yeah time..” Alex mumbled “How about the bistro at 5?”

“Sounds awesome! See you there!” As I was hanging up, Jones walked into my room

“Who was that?” He questioned. “That was Alex! Cassy got him to call and ask me on a date! Isn’t that great!” Jones scowled and muttered something under his breath, then stormed out of my room

“Oh yeah” He yelled “That cat is here!”
Cloudy! I ran out of my room and scooped the cat up off of the floor, causing it to let out a startled ‘Meow’.

I brought Cloudy into my room and picked out a nice dress for the date.


When 5:00 came, I was at the Bistro waiting for Alex. 5:15 and still no sign of Alex, I called him. “Alex! Where are you!”

“The question is where are you? I’ve been waiting outside your house for 15 minutes now to pick you up. That guy you live with is glaring at me.”


“You didn’t say anything about picking me up! I’m already at the bistro!”

“OH, sorry I will be right there.” Alex hung up the phone and in 5 minutes we were finally ordering our food.

“I will have a bistro burger and Natalie will have a salad.”

“Wait! I didn’t say you could order for me! I want a bistro burger too, scrap the salad.”

The waitress wrote on her paper and then left. “What was that!” I almost yelled.

“I thought that’s what guys did, order the food for their date?”

“Not typically! You should have asked me first!” I crossed my arms and we didn’t talk until Alex saw the waitress coming with our food.


“Oh look Natalie! our food is coming!” Alex turned in his chair and the waitress tripped over his foot, sending the food flying at me.

“Sorry, Natalie..Hey, come back!”


I glared at Alex, covered in food, and silently got in my car and left.


I slammed the front door and Jones came out and looked at me in shock. “Naddy! What happened!”

I threw my keys at the wall .”WORST. DATE. EVER” I yelled as I grabbed Cloudy and stormed into my room, tears streaming down my face.

I refused to date, ever again.

Later that evening, when i was feeling a little better, I went over to Cassy’s new house to chat.


Lilly greeted me on her way out. She’s older and really blossoming into a beauty.

I saw Cassy in the kitchen.

“Oh, Cassy, he gave me the worst date ever! He ordered my food for me, he tripped the waitress up and spilt food all over me!”Screenshot-444

“Oh Nattie, give the poor boy a chance! He’s so smitten and head over heels in love with you!”

“Cassy… it’s all too much. This after the Laurent thing…it’s way too much.” Tears started to choke up my words and Cassy pulled me into a hug.

“Aw Natalie… you have no obligation to date him. In fact, don’t. Do what you have to do.”


“I know what I’m going to do. Throw myself heart and soul into my challenge. Get into the zone.”


A few days later, I gave birth to 2 baby boys- Jamie and Chris, named after my awesome cousins Smile

Oh and thanks to Skye Everad for ideas, Amy for writing a whole lot of this, and Calista Smith for Cloudy. And Ashby Lemi, again, for Jones.

Gah, thank you all.



Dear diary…

Dear diary,

Missed me? I’ve missed you too. I’ve missed home. Right now I’m busy writing in you at midnight, at the park. I’m still in the clothes that I was kidnapped in. I haven’t gone home yet since I was released.


I wish that I had never gone to that library. I suppose I can wish many things, but I can’t go back in time and stop it from happening. I’m lucky that happened to me sooner…without that I would still be so ignorant.

I suppose you want to know what happened…I suppose I’ll have to tell you. That’s best.

it all started one day in the library…long story short, a man and a woman kidnapped me.

I went back to their place willingly, well, as willingly you can be when a man has a gun to your head, and I was behind a mountain sorta thing for a while. Dumb police, didn’t go searching there.

The man was silent, for a while. It was the woman who was vicious.

The woman who constantly slammed me into the rock wall, the woman who punched me in the chest until my breasts were blue with bruises. One day, when I had enough, I pulled her balaclava off.

I wasn’t surprised who it was.


Rosa Lian, is my male best friend’s ex girlfriend. She hates me with all her heart, and trust me, the feeling is mutual.


And to make it all better, my hair got so greasy and sweaty that I had to take it out it’s pony tail (it looks really bad) and my makeup was sweated off.

So, back to what I was saying, this a-hole of a woman got so frustrated with me that she pushed me back into the rock wall and, lets just say I had to go to the hospital after I had been interviewed by the police. (Oh, and I got impregnated there by a random donor.)

Then, the male, who had not said anything, suddenly broke down crying. He yelled, “I can’t do this anymore, Rosa!”

She gave him a look of despair mixed with hatred.

“Look, Laurent, you’ll just have to grow up!”



The man I love, the one I care for, the one who I have two kids with, and honestly I could imagine myself with for the rest of my life. Laurent Sang. Natalie Sang. Sounds good, hey?

Oh, well that dream was shattered into a million shards once I watched him get up and be pushed back into me again by Rosa. Rosa, that stupid idiot. He looked like his neck was broken. Did she care? No. Did I care? Not anymore.

Did I care about pain? Not anymore.

I had experienced too much of it.

Oh diary, I know you are craving something light hearted, like me swinging happily on the swings. In fact, I think I’ll do that now, Nice stress relief.



Back. As I was saying, I know you want something light hearted but you’re the only stable thing I can depend on. None of my friends understand. Not my family. But you.

Ah, now we’ve had some sentimentality here, it’s time for a change in direction. Back to the gruesome tale of my kidnapping.

So once he fell into me, I pushed him off onto the rock face in front of me. By now his ski mask was off, so he had many scratches on his face. I was disgusted at the blood oozing out his once perfect face- the face that belonged more in front of the camera than behind it.

He yelped out in pain, and I rushed beside him. I really did care for him.

“Natalie…” He said, whimpering.

“Laurent, the bastard who ruined my life,” I replied.

Scratch that, I didn’t.

“And you, Rosa Lian,” I said, getting up, regaining confidence, “Can go shoot yourself. I’ve had enough of you, enough of your bull-“

And then I stopped. Rosa was quiet, as if to think, and all I could hear was Laurent’s moaning.

And then I heard the cop sirens.


Oh, I’m at home now, lying in bed with a cup of tea.

Jones has just sat next to me and said, “Gosh, I missed you so, Naddy. You’ll have many visitors tomorrow. I felt so lonely, even though I had all the most important people  around me. My mom, but twin brother, Seeley…they all came over to come wish me well. It felt…it felt a bit like my childhood.”

“Jones…why? How can it compare?”

“Well, I’ll save if for another night, Nadds, but you need to know the story of my childhood.”


Night diary,




A dream means more than a million words–Part 1

Jones’ POV

“Mr Lemi, I’m sorry, sir, but it’s late now. All we know is that a male and a female kidnapped Miss Windfield.”Screenshot-386


“No, that can’t be all. You must know. You HAVE to know.” I stared at Officer Yellow with worried eyes. He knew Natalie well. Really well. He couldn’t let this happen.

I clenched my fists.

“Calm down, Jones. Now, that’s all we can tell you tonight.”He said firmly. “Goodnight, Jones. I will keep in contact with any news.”

The phone rang again, and I knew it was Natalie’s dad, Bryn.

Any news? What did officer Yellow say? Any news? Why did you let her go to the library?!

I answered with a “no, call him yourself (all very politely, of course), no, I had no say…”

And to make matters worse, I broke up with Rosa. She went mad afterwards, shouting and screaming and saying “I’ll be back!”.

I wasn’t scared of Rosa though.

I switched on the radio to make myself feel less alone even though both sets of twins were in bed.

Chest to chest
Nose to nose
Palm to palm
We were always just that close
Wrist to wrist
Toe to toe
Lips that felt just like the inside of a rose
So, how come when I reach out my finger
It feels like more than distance between us

The words “lips that felt just like the inside of a rose” sent pangs down my body. This was just rubbing salt in the wound. I tried not to remember that prom night, but something in my brain  just remembered for me.

“So, Jones, are we gonna give them what they want?”

I pulled her hips from side to side and smiled at her.

“Yeah, sure. if it’ll shut them up.”

I then pulled her to me and I kissed her. Her lips were amazingly soft. Nothing disgusting, no tongues but just her and I. I felt happy. I felt blissful.

No! This is just wrong…I felt so guilty for feeling this way towards Natalie. Something told me she didn’t have the same feelings.

She was dating Laurent. Oh yeah.

Switching off the radio, I went to bed.

Stop thinking about her, Jones.

It’s just gonna hurt you even more.

3rd person-

He felt, as he drifted to sleep, that it was Natalie in the bed next to him.

Eye to eye
Cheek to cheek
Side by side
You were sleeping next to me


But of course she wasn’t. He was dreaming, he told himself. Closing his eyes fully, he began to dream.

Natalie sauntered up to him, her bikini small but not slutty. She looked beautiful. Jones stared at her as she shot him another one of her tempting but beautiful smiles. He had waited for her to smile at him like that for so long, but he had only ever seen her smile like that at Adrian or Laurent.

But now it was directed at him.

They had known each other for so long that this felt so natural. He traced his lips up her ear and eventually kissed her.


But suddenly she started to disappear. He tried to touch her but his hand went straight through her. He tried to talk,but his mouth was shut. He tried to silence her, but she screamed louder, her cry’s only shouting “Rosa! Rosa! A-“

But then he woke up.

We’re ten thousand miles apart
I’ve been California wishing on these stars
For your heart for me


After this dream, he sat up and thought for a while. Eventually he came to a simple conclusion:

He needed his best friend with him, and all men dream about their best friends in that way.

And he stopped thinking about that dream, and moved on with his normal life.

So confused wanna ask you if you love me
But I don’t wanna seem so weak
Maybe I’ve been California dreaming


Since Jones was basically in charge of the household, he grew some kids up.


Adella, wishing well baby no # 11 and her brother were so rowdy Jones grew them up into YA.


Her brother Tyson.


Baby 8 Amy is definitely Laurent’s daughter, though she looks very Latino.


Christine is a perfect mix of Natalie and Laurent, with the mystery blue eyes o.O

-Natalie’s POV-

“Why on earth are you doing this to me?” I asked, struggling against the masked person’s tight grip.

“Revenge, ‘Naddy’ . What a stupid nickname!” It  laughed throatily. The voice sounded more feminine. Familiar, somehow.

Then as “she” walked away, leaving me with the larger figure, I saw a few strands of hair falling out her balaclava.

Blue hair.



Smile an wave, girls, smile and wave- Part 2 (And babies 8, 9, 10 and 11!)


(Sorry that they’re grown up already, but I needed to grow them up for babies 8 9 10 and 11!)

This is beautiful Becks. She has Joe’s hair and the mysterious dark skin and the Sierra eyes and Natalie’s face.


Chloe is beautiful, besides from Joe’s ears and nose.


Keenan has the dark blue skin of Joe, his eyes, and Natalie’s shape eyes and Natalie’s hair.


Logan is basically a blue version (and male) version of Natalie.

Back on to the story!


The road was a dirt road, and I knew then I was in the rural area of Lucky Palms straight away. I actually prefer this place to the liveliness of central Lucky Palms.

My car swerved around a bend, and there was even some tumbleweed blowing past, I kid you not.


I saw Cassy’s new home and I swerved into the driveway.


“Cassy…where are you?”

“I’m here, you pregnant idiot!” Cassy laughed and pulled me into a hug.  “Now come inside and see Lilly, your goddaughter!”



“She’s a real beauty,Cassy. “

“I know.”

“Have you found out who the dad is?”

“Nah. I may find love properly and then I suppose he will be her makeshift dad. I like it just the tow of us.”

“Cassy, if you ever need some financial help…”

“We’re actually managing really well. So far it’s fine. I’m going to go try to get some work in the library. You should come as well. Maybe you’ll get a job.”



“And, Cass, have you told your parents yet?”

“Hell no. But my mom is apparently living in Lucky Palms as well, AND in the more rural area, so I may have to put on a disguise. But-“

“A disguise? Cassy…you’re over-reacting.”


“I’m not, I swear! But the other day I saw this REALLY hot guy, he had blue hair, oh wow…”

“Calm down, Cass,” I laughed. “You don’t want to get big, and fat with another baby, now do you?”



My phone gave a shrill ring.

“Hello, this is Natalie Windfield.”

“Uh, hey, Natalie, this is Laurent.”

“Oh hi Laurent! What’s up?”

‘”I was just wondering if you’d uh,like to come on a er, date with me next Friday?”

“Of course. It won’t harm me, I suppose. Meet you at my house at 9, okay?”

“Sure. Bye, Natalie.”

I pressed the off button with a beep.

“Natalie…” Cassy said. “is this Laurent? As in hotter-than-my-dad Laurent?”


Then she looked at me, and smiled, and we collapsed in a fit of shrieks and giggles.


I wish this whole thing was over.

I don’t really like kids.

I took the silver coin and hesitated for a moment. This stuff is all rubbish. I won’t get at all closer to the end with this.Screenshot-345

Ah, hell, what’s the difference?

I tossed the coin in the water, sending ripples across the well water. There was a moment of silence.


Disappointment washed over me.

Come on, you didn’t belive it, did you?

Then a figure came out the water.


(OMG Natalie that face of yours XD)

“You wanted to hurry your challenge up? Well, hello there. My name’s Tyson, and here’s my sister, Adella.”Screenshot-340

After getting over the shock of it working, a sentance popped into my mind.

Be careful what you wish for, just might get it.





I also gave birth as well.Screenshot-344

Amy (yes, after my editor)


And Christine (Named after CC! (Chloe Moreau) )


I went to the library to try out for the new job.

I love libraries. They’re so…bookish. They’re usually dark and dreary, but this one is light and you just feel like curling up in the corner of the library with the rays of sun shining on you-

There was a commotion at the front of the library.  Suddenly I heard a deep voice say:

“Now, take your pick. Whichever one you want.”

The voice was coming from a masked figure gesturing towards the rest of the readers. The larger masked figure didn’t take their eyes off me.

“Her.” it pointed a long finger at me.

“M-me?” I gasped.


“Yeah, you, Crayola box. Now shut up and come with me.” The smaller figure pulled me by the arm and all I could feel (for I was numb with fear) was the metallic feeling of metal against my head.


No-one saw that coming, now did you? Winking smile

Not even Amy OR CeeCee (Christine Chloe) knew of this ending!

Sorry, this is badly written, but I want to write my next one ASAP.

Thanks for reading!


Smile and wave, girls, smile and wave- Part one

Okay. So, don’t look now at that person who’s pointing and laughing. This is the right pose, hey?

Ok, if I look again I see they’re posing. Oh jeez, I look like a fool here. The rest of the photographers are taking pictures of newly weds, pregnant women and then you get me. A woman with a damn sexy photographer and in a skimpy bikini. Smooth, Natalie, real smooth.

“Show us some love, Natalie!”

I stared at Laurent and glared at him under the sun.

“Fine. Can we hurry this up a little though.”

“I thought you liked my company.”

With no response I gave him a heart shape pose with my fingers. With a whirl and a click he took the photo.


Over the last while I’ve grown closer to Laurent. He seemed to know the whole Best family, and even grew up with Cassandra for part of high school. So he was the second one to know that Cassy was pregnant.

She told me it was just a one night stand thing with this one guy…his face looked familiar, a bit like Logan Fey’s.  I laughed it off- I mean Cassy is just about my age. Of course she would try to blame someone from a challenge family. That’s just teens, I guess.


Absent mindedly I posed for the next photos.

Our life has been pretty busy since the birth of the quads. In fact, thank goodness for 4 babies, because that dumb Rosa moved out because of all the noise. Ha.


Tiring of posing but doing it anyway, I smiled.


After roughly 20 more reject shots, I was exhausted. Lying on the ground, with the stones stuck in my back, I stared at the sun and wondered how stupid I was for doing this.


“Hey,” Laurent said, and sat down next to me.

“Hey. I’m so tired…”


I heard a click and a whirl and thought it was Laurent trying to take another photo.

“No more pictures, Laurent!”

Opening my eyes in outrage, I was surprised not to see Laurent’s camera snapping away. I saw his face.

His beautiful, part asian face, his amazing brown eyes, his dark hair and the light streaks, almost blue.

And instead of leaning away, and pretending that the moment of chemistry never happened, he did exactly the opposite.

He kissed me.


Feeling more passionate by the moment as his lips crushed reapeatedly into mine, I whispered, “Wanna be in my challenge?”


“Well then, I need a dad for baby 8.”


With the mascara brush I took long, gentle swipes onto my already long eyelashes. Then, I got  into my dress (it matches my hair). It was a girls night, where I would finally meet Becks Best and Calista Smith, and then meet up again with Ashby Lemi. I pretty much grew up with Ashby around.

As soon as I got to the pier I was forced into  a picture with Calista, Becks and Ashby, who half covered her face in embarrassment. We were in a parking lot, anyway.


“Come on, girls, lets get this show on the road,” I said and we all headed upstairs.


Becks started dancing straight away.


I sat with Ashby at the bubbles table.

“So, tell me Natalie, how’s my son and you going along?”

“Really well thanks. I’m glad you’re here for the weekend, Jones is elated. He can’t stop talking about his precious mom.”

Ashby sniggered.

“Well, I am the most important woman in his life, right?”

I felt a familiar pang.

I always thought I was the most important woman in his life- after his mother.


Getting up I walked to the bar, leaving Ashby behind. I could feel her eyes boring holes into the back of my head.

As soon as I sat down, Calista , Becks and Ashby all sat down with me.

Ashby looked at me for a moment as if she was about to ask or say something. Then she decided against it , but I could she she  wanted to say something.

Becks, as I had learnt in the last hour, was even more hyperactive than Cassy. Well , to a certain degree. Ever since she messaged me t tell me she was coming to Lucky Palms, she seemed subdued.

As for Calista, well, I feel slightly misinformed about her love life. Last thing I heard she had broken up with that a-hole Luke Lockheart and was single, but her facebook photos beg to differ.



As we prepared to leave the club, Ashby stopped me.

“Natalie, you are so important to Jones. Don’t go thinking otherwise. Just because he has a girlfriend doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. Even if it is as a friend.”

“I don’t know…”

“Don’t make me laugh now. Of course he does!”


“Thanks, Ash.”

“Anytime, Natalie. Anytime.”


“So, now, Natalie, who’s this Laurent guy?”

“Oh, Becks, he’s amazing!”



Calista closed her eyes and tapped her head in mock thinking.

“Let me guess. You met this guy at the club and he offered you a drink and now you’re in love.”

She took a sip of the champagne and part-choked on it she was laughing so much.
“Hey! Not funny Calista! just because that happens to my mom does not mean it happens to me!” But my outrage was drowned by Becks and Ashby’s giggles.

II personally think that this Laurent thing is all a facade.” Becks said. “I think it’s to cover up her love for Jones.”


“Argh!No, Becks!”


Ignoring my comment, Ashby said: “Oh? And why do you think that?”


“She always talks about him, Ash. That’s why,” Becks laughed.

“Are you serious?!” I said . “Seriously guys?” I scrambled onto Becks’ bed, which she let me sleep in (very kindly, might I add.)


The girls laughed and drank the champagne, ate the cupcakes and spooned up the creamy nutella.

“Well, girls, I think it’s time we go to sleep. It’s 2 am already!”


Staring at the 3 beautiful women lying in their sleeping bags, some of the most beautiful women I’d ever seen. These women were my life. My closest friends. And I can’t stop their immense kindness and their general care. They do it out of their own accord, and make my life all….wow.

Giving each of my friends a kiss on the cheek, I went and blew out the candle. The smoke rose like a snake, leaving a hiss in the air.

I went straight to bed, smiling, the weight of the world off my shoulders.


Looking at my friends, I said: “Night guys. Sweet dreams.”

And I curled up, and went to sleep.



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Anyway this post featured Ashby Lemi, Calista Smith and Becks Best, a round of applause for them for letting me use them for my girls night!

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Jealousy is the biggest form of flattery- Part 2

This post is rated PG. If you are under 13 get a parents permission to read this please.

We moved to Lucky Palms once Jones got the job.

He was so happy and excited. I couldn’t feel that way for him.

Look, Lucky Palms is beautiful but how would you feel if suddenly you were uprooted from Riverview and shoved into the desert? Okay, well, fine, I had no obligation to follow Jones, but I did.

Fine, you’ve pulled it out of me, it was because stupid Rosa had to come with. She and Jones had obviously been together for awhile before I met her, because why else would she move in with him? She was so hyper as well. She practically bounced everywhere. This is her hometown, so she happily yakked on for about an hour about her family and how adorable her niece is, hinting heavily at the words “I love babies.”

“Jones I can’t wait for you to meet my sister Lynn! She loves everyone! She’s my best friend and-“

“Calm it, honey,” Jones laughed, giving her a strong and silencing kiss.

“I’m just so excited,” she said, perching on her tippy-toes.



“You’re so beautiful, you know that?”He whispered in her ear, his hands running down her bare back. In her response she whispered a few words in his ear, that we couldn’t hear, which made him blush furiously and whisper : “Yes, I agree love.”

Meanwhile it was birthday time!


Beautiful Blossom


Cutie Juliet ^_^


Jones carbon copy Othello Smile

Getting onto my laptop later I was suddenly hit with IM’s.

3 new messages

I opened the one from Cassandra Best first.

CassyIsBest- Nadella Nutella! You’re online!

Naddy- Yep.

CassyIsBest- What’s wrong? i’m coming in a day!!! It’s lucky palms!!!!!! Be happy!!!

Naddy- Rosa moved in with us.

CassyIsBest: So?

Naddy: ….

Naddy: She completely over takes Jones!

CassyIsBest: Why do you care? Sarcastic smileWinking smile

Naddy: she completly takes him from me.

CassyIsBest: Natie, do you like Jones?

Naddy: I have to go


I was about to open my next message when I decided against it. if I was going to get was constant “Do you like Jones?” I might as well delete my IM account and my facebook. I wondered into Jones’ room.

Staring at the sight on his floor, I turned bright red and stammered : “U-uh , jeez, I-I-I’m sorry, I’m gonna go now…”

I ran out and stopped, falling to the ground, and just in time, the doorbell rang, and Cassy was there, a smirk on her face, saying : ‘” Surprise…”


Jones’ POV

-5 minutes earlier-

“So about what I said earlier…” Rosa shouted over her shoulder. She was in the bathroom, getting into her pjs.


With no response she walked out the bathroom in her underwear. For her modesty I turned away. I heard her light a candle.

Turning around I saw her scatter petals around the candle.

“Babe,” I said, not getting so close to her, “Why don’t you put the candle on the pedestal?”

She turned around and stared at me. Her shining blue eyes came closer to me, until I realised that she was so close to me she was breathing on my neck.

“Love me, Jones,” she whispered. Making no move, I stood still. She pushed me down onto the ground.


“I’m not ready, Rosa,” I said.

And that’s when Naddy walked in.


(Natalie’s POV)

“So, you can’t sleep?”

It was 12 am and I had pretty much tossed and turned the whole time. I was standing in the kitchen with Cassy.

“Yeah. I really can’t sleep.”


She stared at me for a moment then said to me: “Go to bed. We’ll have a blast tomorrow. But first…your hair looks drab. Come with me.”

I followed my friend into the bathroom, and I smiled and laughed in delight as I saw the bottle of hair dye.

“What’s this all about?” i asked.

“We’re gonna make you look better. Hair today, tattoo tommorow. You’ll make Jones wish he never chose Rosa over you.”

I smiled, I was to tired to protest.


Pregnancy zoomed past.


It was probably because I slept through most of it.

Might I add that babies 2 and 3 grew up twice.


Juliet is a stunner.


Look at Othello!

I went to the Bistro to meet the photographer for my pregnancy shoot for baby 10.


I noticed him and ran over to say hello.

“Hi, my name is Natalie Windfield.”

“My name is Laurent, Laurent Sang. Please come sit.”


“So, you’re a challenge mom?”

“Yeah. I’m preparing to have 100 babies.”

“I knew that.”

“So, what pictures are you gonna take of me?”

“Well” he said earnestly, “I thought some posed, some natural, and some a day in the life of.”

“A day in the life of a challenge mom? Do you want to see me having a child?”

“Well, I wouldn’t mind…”

I laughed.

“Well, I don’t think you can see the beginning of a new child.”

He pulled a face.

“I’ll stick with the hugging of children , thanks.”

I finished my lunch and looked at him. He almost reminded me of Jed, Cassy’s dad. But Laurent is way more attractive.

“Do you like kids?” I asked.

“Love them. I’d like to participate in your challenge once.”


That was pretty forward.


“I’m sure you don’t.”

“I do.”

“Well, okay then. Listen, I must dash, I’ll  chat soon, okay?”

“Sure. Thanks for today.”

I went straight home, and straight away the labour pains came.

I gave birth to 4 babies.



I have no idea how she got her dark skin. This is Becks.


This is Keenan.


This is Logan.


This is Chloe.