Strength in numbers- 6 numbers, to be exact. (Babies 29-41)


The fall rain pattered softly on the unfamiliar ground. The leaves on the trees were beginning to fall down. Kids splashed in puddles while their fathers raked up the fiery coloured leaves. The mothers walked out with freshly brewed hot chocolate and leaned against the large trees in their gardens, laughing and joking with their husbands. Their husbands looked like a fat Mitt Romney, but still the mothers glared at me if I looked a second too long through their white-picket fences.

See, this is why I don’t like Appaloosa Plains.

Isabelle told me that I was going to have to move somewhere less humid, because the weather in Sunlit Tides certainly wasn’t helping the chemo to work. Jones and her were coming over until the wedding, then they’d head home again.

Speaking of Jones, my dear friend Ashby called me to check up on me and I ended up sobbing and telling her the whole story. (Not all the details- Jones is still her son.)

She very kindly offered to pretend that Jones’ brother was the father and she would look after the six babies- yes, six. So Jones and I have 8 kids together.

Ashby still sends me pics of the babies- I wish I would ever get to meet them. I love them.

Screenshot-204 (1)

Left to right: Grace, Lacey, Hope, Gabe, Kaylynn, Emma Lemi. (Credits to Asby Lemi for the photo and Chloe Moreau for the names)

I pulled up by the house finally and opened up the umbrella with shivering fingers. I see Alex waiting by the window and I blow a kiss to him and put on a smile, even though I feel deadly.


I pulled the door open and I saw the usual home- Alex dancing to a song on the radio, Isabelle changing a nappy, Jones on his cellphone. Alex saw me walking into the house and he grabbed my coat and hung it up on the rack. He took my arm and he suddenly changed the music in his IPod from some Eminem to a slow song. He took one of the buds and gently put it in my ear.

Colbie Caillat’s song Fallin’ for You played and Alex  gently took my hand.

I’ve been spendin’ all my time just thinkin’ ’bout you

I don’t know what to do, I think I’m fallin’ for you

I’ve been waitin’ all my life, and now I found you

I don’t know what to do, I think I’m fallin’ for you

I’m fallin’ for you
As I’m standin’ here, and you hold my hand

Pull me towards you, and we start to dance

All around us, I see nobody

Here in silence, it’s just you and me
I am tryin’ not to tell you, but I want to

I’m scared of what you’ll say

So I’m hidin’ what I’m feelin’

But I’m tired of holdin’ this inside my head
I’ve been spendin’ all my time just thinkin’ ’bout you

I don’t know what to do, I think I’m fallin’ for you

I’ve been waitin’ all my life, and now I found you

I don’t know what to do, I think I’m fallin’ for you

I’m fallin’ for you



I gently pulled away from him and gave him a kiss.

“While we’re at it, have you thought of  first dance for us?”

“Yeah, I called Cassy for ideas. Robin yelled that we should have Kings of Leon Sex on Fire.”

Alex laughed.

“I’ve found a pretty good venue. Wanna go check it out?”

“Sure,” I smiled. “Wait a second, I need to make a call.”

I whipped out my cellphone and quickly called Becks.

“Becks. I have a problem.”

“What?” He voice was choked as if she was crying.

“Are you ok?”

“No, I’m fine. Enough about me, what’s happening?”

“I think I’m pregnant again.”


“And you called me because?”

“Well, Cassy’s busy and I panicked.”

“Natalie, you retard. You’re an 100 baby challenge mother! You should be glad you’re pregnant!”

Right. But why am I not really excited? Why is there that ache in my throat telling me that I don’t really want this?

Why am I feeling like I don’t want to have anymore of Alex’s kids?

My mind is whirled back to a dream I once had when two girls were fighting over me. One with Alex’s hair and one with Jones’ hair, fighting with eachother, willing me to choose one…

I’m so stuck in my daydream I don’t realise that Becks has hung up in frustration. I switch my phone off with a sigh.

Once we’re in the taxi I don’t say anything to Alex but I watch the rain somewhat turn into snow. I stare out the window until the taxi draws up by the fishing pond. In the snow it looks stunning.


“Can you imagine us getting married here?” Alex wraps his arms around me, and I melt in his embrace.




Cherry, Jake and Scarlett are born. They all look like a perfect mix of Alex and me.

I’ve made a goal with Alex that I have 49 babies by our wedding night. Alex will have the honour of being baby 50th’s dad.

I’m about to go to the A.I. clinic when I bump into Jones.

“Hey Naddy, wanna go to the Fall Fair?”

“Sure Jones!” I smile. my head is telling my not to do this but I can’t resist it. I take up his hand, signalling I take up his offer.

Arriving there Jones spots the hot dog eating competition. I’m stuffed already but I’m sure I’m going to win, so I give him a challenging smile and we tuck in.





After giving Jones a slap on the back, nausea overwhelmed me and i remembered I had tried to get pregnant with an alien baby. Stupid. STUPID.

I rushed to go throw up and Jones stood awkwardly outside that bathroom door. I walked outside after brushing my teeth and Jones was just staring at me. It reminded me of the time I knew I was gonna have his children.

“L-let’s go,” I muttered. And we did.







I shrugged my shoulders as the triplets ran around the house, scaring their human counterparts.

I opened my door after several persistent rings and I saw my best gal friends there.

“Let’s find you a wedding dress!” They shrieked and piled in with huge carrier bags.

Once the girls all got seated upstairs, I fully got to examine them.



“Chloe,” I asked. “Why do you have holes in your pants?”

All the girls giggled while Chloe insisted it was because she was gardening. I hoped.

The girls made it impossible for me to choose the right wedding dress. Becks would love one while Ashby would hate it. I was on my wits’ end by the 10th one, and I swore I would rip off anyone’s head who hated that one, even if I hated it myself.


Though it was perfect.

“Wow,” Becks gasped. “Wow wow wow wow.”

“Let’s vote,” Cassy interrupted.

“Yes,” Chloe smiled.

“Hell yeah!” Electra cheered.

“Totally,” Ashby grinned.

“Yes from me and my mom. Now it’s time for the most important opinion…..Natalie, do you love it or do you love it?”

“i love it,” I nodded firmly. “This is my wedding dress.”

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1- this post was retarded because I wanted to get it out. So sorry.

2- I will be going MIA for awhile until New Years Eve. Natalie will get her remaining babies in Logan Fey’s 100 Baby Challenge, Electra Danton’s too. She will be living with Becks Best until New Years Eve, the night of her wedding.

3- Happy Belated thanksgiving!


Trouble in Paradise

Before I say anything I would like to apologize.

There was an incident with a girl who was assumed to be tolling one of my friends and I freaked out. I apologize about my childish behaviour, but when I posted that status it was still thought that she was the anon troll. I live in South Africa. I fell asleep while doing my homework- I didn’t check Facebook or know that she wasn’t the troll. I would like you to take that into consideration. And I would also like to ask you next time (hopefully there would be no next time), to please stick to your opinion on the matter. It certainly doesn’t help me if you change from you agree to you hate it.

Now secondly, this doesn’t mean that I’m the bad one completely- this girl has also done her fair share of being rude and mean to people. So all I’m saying is that I’m done with this drama. After this message it is over. Done. So now I’m no longer talking to anyone about this matter. Once you have read this and you were annoyed with me- take it as it being over and done with. Don’t bring up old shit again, it doesn’t help anybody.

Now that that is over, please enjoy this post. It is rated PG , as the rest of my posts will be. This one has a few sexual references. If you find anything like that insulting, please leave this page.

Thank you.


“Alex…please remind me why we have to do this?” I asked Alex as we strolled down the lane, holding hands in a tight grasp on our way to his parent’s new beach villa. I wasn’t very cold, but Alex was shivering.

“Winter is coming so soon, hey?” He spoke, his teeth chattering. “And it’s a tradition for the parents to join together with a wedding in our culture…” He carried on, even though I had lost interest.

“Yeah,” I said, not really interested in what he was saying. I glanced over at Jones, his brow furrowed and him saying to his cellphone soothingly, “Calm down Izzy, it’s normal for her to have a rash…”

My heart did this flipping-sinking motion when I remember what Electra had told me what happened once I had collapsed.

“Bloody hell,” Skye had said, sipping her drink. “I’m staying out of it.”

Electra and the rest of the girls rushed to get Isabelle, the only doctor in the room. Jones, however, fell to the floor and cradled my head in his hands.

Alex just sat there.


Isabelle ran over to me and said I had passed out, probably as result of chemo, and I would be having mild hallucinations. All the guests were sent home while I was stuck in this dream world, thinking that I was shot and that I was dead.

“Natalie?!” Alex yelled. “Are you there?! Earth to Natalie!”

“Oh, yes.” I smiled. “You were saying?”

“We’re here.”

I looked up to this small beach house. I doubted Jones could get his head through the door.

Alex’s mother, Ramona, came rushing out. “Natalie! Alex!” She enveloped me in a huge hug, then began to examine me.

“Goodness, Natalie,” she cried. “You look terrible!”

“Mum!” Alex exclaimed. “No!”

I shook my head at Alex. It was true. My hair was coming out in clumps thanks to the chemo. My skin was pale and blotchy. I looked anorexic. Greeting me was like greeting death.

“And this is?” Ramona turned her attention to Jones who was switching off his cellphone. Her eyes narrowed into slits.

“Jones Lemi, my family rep. My parents couldn’t make it, for some strange reason.” I frowned. My parents haven’t spoken to me in weeks.

“Ah,” Ramona said delicately. “And you’re her cousin? Brother?”

“Best friend,” Jones smiled and shook her limp hand.

“B-best friend?” Ramona’s eyes narrowed so much so that I couldn’t see those turquoise eyes that Alex too owns.

“Yes,” I smiled sweetly, knowing that she was outraged. She obviously thought we were caught up in some affair. I walked straight past her to see Alex’s little sister, Chloe. My eyes widened at her baby bump as she embraced me but she gave me a wave of her hand, as if to say, ‘Don’t mention it.”


‘So,” Ramona sighed and sat us all down. “When is it gonna happen?”

“New Year’s Eve,” I smiled. It was going to be a small, intimate winter wedding. I couldn’t wait.

“New Years Eve…I’m sure we’re busy then actually. Isn’t it the party at the country club?” His dad Jake snapped, although he seemed so relaxed leaning against a beanbag.


“Well that’s the only date all our friends are free.” Jones shot back, suddenly talking. I was glad he could defend us, as as much as the Anders family seemed to care about their darling son getting hurt they sure as hell didn’t often show it.


“Really? Well, we’re family, and we can’t make it. Can’t you choose another date?”

“Shut up,” Alex said. I was shocked, Alex is such a mommy’s boy. “It’s the date we chose because it’s romantic. Midnight is the time. If you can’t make it, tough luck. If your country club party is better, fine. Get over it.”


“You all can just shut up! I’m the pregnant one here, I should be emotional!” Chloe cried and Alex, Jones and I turned to stare at her. Chloe was an innocent little 12 year old 3 years ago when I last met her. Now she’s 15…and pregnant?

Life really has been moving way too quickly for my liking.

“Wow!” I smiled. I still wanna be that cool sister in law. “Congrats!”


“Congrats Chloe!” Alex caught my eye and saw what I was trying to do. “Boy or girl?”

“I dunno. Think it’s a transgender. That way I don’t get myself excited for a boy and it turns out to be a girl.”

I laughed.

Congrats?” Ramona asked with scorn. “She’s a disgrace! A disgrace! Fell pregnant with the gardener’s child. The gardener!”

I tried not to laugh hysterically at her tone. I could so  imagine Chloe doing that. Alex’s shoulders were shaking violently. If I looked him in the eye I’m sure he’d explode with giggles.

Suddenly there was a squeal from Chloe and a pungent smell filled the air.

“My water broke!” She yelled. Alex suddenly sprung to his feet, Jake looked like he’d been stabbed and Ramona rushed to her daughter’s side, whipping out her BlackBerry and calling for a taxi.

After switching the “terminate call” button she called for Jake to get up. The taxi soon arrived and Chloe waddled in.

‘You’ll be ok if I go, honey?” Alex asked me with a concerned frown.

“Sure! Jones will just take me home.”

“We won’t be back until the early hours of the morning. Get yourself something to eat too.” He handed me a 50 dollar bill. I smiled at him and gave him a peck on the cheek, waving goodbye and good riddance to his family.

“Do you wanna eat here, or eat out?” I opened the fridge and closed it again, seeing it packed with treats. I wasn’t hungry.

“Eat in, no-one’s gonna see us, Naddy.”

He hadn’t called me that in ages.

“You sound like your 8 year old self at the wedding of my parents,” I giggled. “Can you remember: “No-one’s gonna see us stealing the cake topper, Naddy.” My butt still aches from those slaps my mother gave me when she caught her mini-head in my mouth.”

“My mother did the silent but deadly thing. She gave me the glare till I got home. I was so scared that I threw up your mini-marzipan father.”

I turned around to ask him what his torture was, then I saw his face inches away from mine.

“Jones,” I whispered softly, matching the mood set for this evening. “You’re married and I’m engaged-“

“Do you care?” He asked abruptly, completely mixing up the mood I had set.


Then his mouth was on mine.


I moaned softly as his lips parted mine. “He’s an amazing kisser.” I realized as my heart fluttered as he pushed his lips harder and harder against mine, sizzling with passion. He picked me up easily in his arms as I was so skinny, although it was paying off for his many days working out.

He carried me to the bedroom and lay me down on the single bed. I whimpered- I didn’t want to move my body out of his grasp and away from him.


Afterwards I lay in his arms with thoughts of deceit, dishonesty…guilt.

I had just slept with my best friend and it was the best thing I’d ever felt. Ever.


Hey, the ugly part of my mind piped up with, Isabelle told you to abstain from sex. Little did she know I’d be sleeping with her husband.

Oh God.

I suddenly shot up my upper body and cradled my aching head. It was like the thought had never occurred to me that I was ruining several people’s lives by doing this- Alex’s. Isabelle’s. Jones’. Mine.

I crept out of bed and pulled on my clothes, waking Jones up just before I left.

I walked out the door with a smile plastered on my face- a simple mask to hide the caldron of feelings bubbling underneath.


3 weeks later

“Natalie, are you sure there’s nothing I can get you?” Alex called from the kitchen as I threw up repeatedly.

“No, nothing,” I lied. All I wanted to do was be alone for a moment and think.

So the last time I had sex was 3 weeks ago.

With Jones.

And now’s the time morning sickness will kick in…

Oh no.

Oh no no no no no no no no no no.


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Babies 27,28 and 29- If you believe, you shall succeed.

PG- Nothing serious. I’m sure anyone over 12 would not be offended by two bunches of pixels talking in this way to each other.

Her eyes- I can’t describe them as anything else besides two, burning holes of fire. Her eyes are the same icy blue as Adrian’s. But it’s possible, almost, that if those eyes could burn you, they would be a sore, dry and painful as a toxic burn.

Ansofi inhaled, exhaled, then clicked her fingers painfully. She looked at me with despair, her eyes challenging me to deny it was my passport. It was a different girl. This is so unlucky. Adrian’s daughter just happens to be on the flight home. Hell, I’m just glad that any weapons were confiscated.

Her eyes stared at me throughout the flight. I squirmed under her gaze. When we eventually landed I rushed into baggage and got lost in the crowd, hoping to never see her again.

Arriving home, even with the hurried “Congrats!” from my kids, I was on edge. Plonking my bags down in our bedroom, I felt Alex’s strong, muscular arms wrap around me.

“Come for a swim,” He muttered into my ears. He didn’t know I was so stressed. He didn’t know about my past. He didn’t know anything about me.

I knew about his obvious sexual reference  but I wasn’t in the mood. I smiled at him stiffly, though trying not to let him see my frustration.

“Sure! Let me just get my bikini on.”

His face fell, then his lips formed a half smile. He sat on the edge of the bed and his brow crumpled as I threw on the most unsexy bikini I could find, although  because I usually was in the mood, being a challenge mother, there was hardly anything that wasn’t unsexy. The least sexy thing I could find barely covered my butt and had push-up cups.

“What’s wrong, Alex?” I asked, trying to pretend that I actually cared while throwing on a cover-up.

“I feel that you’re hiding something from me Natalie, are you sure you’re ok?” He looked up, his face creased with concern.

“I’m fine!” I smiled over-brightly. “Hey, why don’t you go wait by the pool?”

“Sure,” He grinned, chucking off his shirt and kissing me before leaving to the pool, grabbing his sunglasses on the way out.

I took several deep breaths and told myself to calm down. All will be ok.

I opened the wardrobe and dug beneath all my clothes to find the trapdoor. I pulled the trapdoor open and took out the safe. Picking up a key, I unlocked the heavy pad lock and pulled out the bottle of whiskey, chugged a mouthful and a half (for Dutch courage), locked it up again and brushed my teeth.


I sauntered out the house into the sweltering heat and pulled off my cover-up as demurely as possible. Hey, just because I’m not in the mood doesn’t mean I can’t do my favourite pastime- teasing Alex.


“N-Natalie,” He stuttered, his eyes growing wider as I came closer. I pulled him up as he extended a shaky hand towards me.

“You look so beautiful,” He mumbled into my ears.

To hell with this. This poor guy is so sex deprived, the last time we did it was when we conceived Alex II.  He’s not doing a challenge. Do it Natalie. Do it for him.

I laughed to myself because that sounded really strange, like I was doing a self-help contest on TV. Luckily Alex interpreted it as a sexy giggle as he nuzzled my ear even more.



“take me,” I whispered and jumped into his arms. He laughed and carried me to the conveniently placed bed. Depositing me there, I started to get comfortable.

Suddenly I was hit by a wave of nausea as he began to untie my bikini straps. The lump…didn’t Isabelle tell us to abstain from this while I was in my condition? But I don’t want to let Alex down…

“Alex!” I suddenly yelled. “I’m…ovulating! I-I can’t have sex or I’ll get pregnant.”

I know I didn’t make sense,  I’m a challenge mother, I need to get pregnant.  Luckily Alex is used to me talking nonsense, so he just mouthed, “Oh” understandingly and lay down next to me. I kissed him softly.


“I love you Alex,” I whispered as he dozed off.

“I love you too, Natalie. I love you too.”



The next dad I was taking was a man called Salista Cmith. He looked alot like Cassy’s idol, Calista Smith. I was sure we’d have some good babies.


(He looks like a blue Alex!)

Then the rabbits (Jones and Isabelle) had their twins, Delilah and Demi-Lee.

Delilah and Demi-Lee are adorable twins, both with a face that looks exactly like Isabelle’s.




Demi –Lee

Being pregnant with triplets certainly didn’t go anything for my already sky high blood pressure. I was admitted into hospital twice, with Isabelle being assigned to my case. With a wicked grin on her slender face ,(she just had twins. This is soooo not fair) she handed me a pair of surgical stockings and kept me on bed rest.

With this pregnancy honestly not hurrying up as all were supposed too and the babies seemed somewhat deformed, they decided to take them out via C-Section. My three beautiful babies came into the world seemingly normal and perfect. We were relieved.






Lisa. Lisa is named after the bravest girl I’ve ever met. She went to my school and was my teacher’s daughter until she was diagnosed with leukaemia in grade 5. Passing away in 2009, Lisa, we will always remember you as the strong, funny brave angel you are and forever will be.

RIP Red heart.


I was lolling on the sofa on “bed rest” watching I Love Lucy episodes. The door to the living room was knocked down and a very pregnant Cassy stormed in.

“Cassy! Geez, knock next time!”

“I’ve seen you and Alex doing the dirty, I’m not fazed by anything else,” She gave me a dismissal wave of arm.

“Well, what are you doing here?!”

“Girls time,” She said firmly and pulled me off the sofa and marched me outside and shoved me in the car. I wouldn’t be surprised if innocent onlookers thought a pregnant woman was kidnapping me.

After 15 minutes, I peeped up. “Cassy?”


“Where are we going?”

“Tattoo parlour.”

“Cassy!” I exploded. “I’m not getting a new tattoo! I have my full back chain of flowers that represents all my family and friends and all my experiences. I don’t need anything else!”

After a pause, I hear Cassy’s voice again. “That was made several months after I met you. That was 4 years ago. Much has happened since then.”

Alex. Isabelle. My new friends, Logan and Chloe and Electra. I’ve already go Ashby and Becks on my back as a flower. There’s nothing else-

The cancer.

“And Natalie, I’m not just getting you a tattoo. I’m giving you a makeover.”


When we arrived at the tattoo parlour Cassy hugged me and we apologized to each other. Then when the tattooist asked me what I wanted, I knew what I wanted.

If you believe, you shall succeed.


I looked at myself in the mirror. My cropped hair was silky framing my face. I had dramatic make-up and a lace dress.

I was being lead up some strange stairs with a blindfold over my eyes.

Suddenly the lights came on.

“HAPPY ENGAGEMENT ALEX AND NATALIE!” Was yelled across the room and I saw all my friends there. I hid behind Alex and I saw Jones in front of him.


“Congrats!” Was yelled out across the room. I could feel Alex’s arms around me and my eyes began to haze over.

“Natalie!” I heard being called out from Electra’s voice before the haziness took control and my legs buckled.

All went black.

But all I saw was two blue eyes.



“What happened officer?” Alex asked him frantically.

“A bullet to her skull.”

“Why? Who would do this?”

“We have one suspect…” Officer yellow trailed off.


“Ansofi Calhoun.”


Like we’re gonna die young…

Read this first: https://icydreamsandsteamydays.wordpress.com/2012/07/16/2-2-when-you-just-know/



“SURPRISE CASSY!” Ashby, Calista, Becks and I yelled as I pulled off her blindfold. An expression of joy passed her face before she looked down at the dud wedding dress I had shoved on her earlier and she squealed.



“Natie!! This is disgusting!” she half yelled, cried and giggled.

“I know!” I laughed. Cassy’s sharp green eyes scanned the room until she saw Ashby, who she greeted with “Oh my gosh hi Ash!” and “Hey mom!”

Her eyes looked at Calista, once, then twice until she realized who was in front of her.


Calista giggled. “Hi, Cassy. I hear you’re one of my biggest fans.”

I snorted. Biggest fan? Understatement of the century. I remember her shushing me once saying “Oh my gosh Luke Lockheart is such a retard, Calista doesn’t deserve that treatment!” and who could forget the time she hired a hacker to get into my facebook because hers wouldn’t work and Calista’s post was out? Not me. I still have to change my password every two days.

“Come on guys, let’s sit down!” I clapped my hands together. “Gift giving time!”


Calista handed over her gift first, which was in a box sorta shape. Cassy beamed as she opened it, and it turned out to be a DVD. Cassy juped up and shoved it into the DVD player and pressed play.

The screen flickered until a familiar face showed up on the screen. Purple eyes…purple eyes…who is that…

“ADAM!” She yelled and his face suddenly fit the name in my mind.

“Uh…hi Cassy. I’m Adam Cohen, Calista’s husband. I’d just like to congratulate you on your upcoming wedding and like to give you a few tips,” Adam winked and Cassy make a squealing sound.

“Never forget to say I love you. That’s the most important. And never ever push him to have-“

Calista suddenly switched the off button.

“You can watch the rest later Cassy,” She smiled.

Then it was Ashby’s turn.


She handed Cassy a box with the words “Victoria’s Secret” on it. We all wolf whistled. Cassy, blushing, opened the box and pulled out this sexy purple and blue corset, with purple lace around the cups and blue ribbon spelling out “C&R 2012” on it. Cassy grinned from ear to ear.

“This is from all the Lemi’s, including Jones and Isabelle. Isabelle has some contacts at Victoria’s Secret who were happy to make this for you.”

“Thanks so much Ash!” Cassy beamed.

“My turn!” Becks demanded. “It’s from me, dad, Eliza, Chloe, all the other Best’s as well as your sisters and…Logan,” she frowned.  Then she quickly handed over the box.

Cassy opened it.

“5000 dollars from Kinky Pleasure World and and a honeymoon to go to London anytime you wish. Hope you enjoy babes and have a lovely time being married! xoxox All of us crazy Bests (and the Fey’s and Moreau’s, but they’re crazy too)” Cassy read aloud, blushing but crying with happiness. “Thanks guys so much!”

“Ok, open mine!” I yelled, shoving a hamper into her hands.


Cassy opened it very wearily.

Out fell a pair of handcuffs with blue fur and purple feathers stuck on it. Engraved on it was “To Cassy and Robin on their wedding day in 2012. Love Natalie and Alex.”

Out fell a little box. Cassy opened it and it was stuffed with condoms and lubricant. A little bottle of fertility pills were shoved in it with the note reading “To help you guys conceive another Moreno Winking smile

So about 3 weeks ago Cassy got really drunk and told me that her and Robin were trying to concieve but couldn’t. I felt so sorry for her.

“Thanks Natalie,” Cassy smiled and gave me a huge hug. “But I have another announcement to make..”

“Yes?” Becks asked.

“I’m pregnant!”


“Oh yay!” Becks smiled.

“With twins!” cassy continued. The smile dripped off Becks’ face.


“Well done guys!” Calista smiled warmly. “now Cassy, you have a wedding tomorrow. Maybe we shoudl say goodnight. But thanks for a lovely time!”


STOP- YOU WILL HAVE TO READ THIS FIRST- http://adifferentkindofchallenge.blogspot.ca/2012/10/marry-you.html

Enjoy, and don’t act surprised when the right part comes!


I snuggled up to Alex on the plane home. I stared at my finger.

Good Lord, I’m engaged.

“I love you,” I mumbled to him and I kissed his as he was falling asleep.

“Wanna join the mile high club?” He winked at me and fiddled with his IPod so he played a song that I love by Bon Jovi and played it to me.

…About love and the truth and
What you mean to me
And the truth is baby you’re all that I need
I want to lay you down in a bed of roses
For tonight I sleep on a bed of nails
I want to be just as close as the Holy Ghost is
And lay you down on a bed of roses

I was getting up to get a pillow from our hand luggage when I noticed the woman next to me. I greeted her. She had piercing blue eyes and orange-y hair.

We spoke for awhile. I told her about Alex and my challenge and I was about to tell her about Adrian when she told me about her past.

“Growing up was always tough for me. My father was a professor and often had brief flings with his students. My mother was an ex stripper as well as an ex student of his. They always would fight, then make up, then fall pregnant, miscarry, then my father would start up another affair and the cycle would continue.

“One day, there was one girl, Natalie, I think, who my father seemed smitten about. My mother found her bra in his office one night and they had a huge fight. My father accused my mother of being an attention seeking whore and my mother called him a slut and a good for nothing.


“Then my mother crossed a line and called Natalie a “random schoolgirl with zero English talent” and he snapped. he pulled my mother up by the head and grabbed the kitchen knife and began to hack at her head, yelling “don’t say that about Natalie! Don’t say that about Natalie!”



“I sat there, in my bedroom, scared for my life. I could smell my father burning my mother’s fleash. And that’s the same father who gave me a lunch box the next morning, smiling, saying “Have a nice day sweetie!”


“So to this day, i hunt this Natalie Windfield. Because she is the reason my father killed my mother.”

She breathed in.

“Sorry about that, I needed to tell someone. The names Ansofi, Ansofi Calhoun. Yours is?”

I said nothing, paralysed with fear. I moved my handbag around and my passport fell out. Ansofi picked it up and read it aloud softly and calmly, exactly like Adrian.

“Natalie Windfield. The reason my father murdered my mother.”


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