Generation 3, Chapter 1- Madeline

I know I haven’t posted in ages, and I’m sorry. It’s been a tough few weeks but I’m back, and I’ve revamped the story. You all knew Natalie and Jones would marry. You all knew they would have kids. I did that, actually, privately in game. But over the last 2 weeks, while I’ve been deciding to come back to the game, I decided to start with Generation 3, Madeline. She will not be doing the 100 baby challenge. These posts will not be very frequent. More writing than pics, I’m afraid. Also, this blog is getting a revamp. I haven’t started it yet, I thought I’d rather do the post first. Then you will see all traces, slowly, of Natalie and Love disappear. There have been rumors that this is a depressing generation, and it no longer will be. I’ve added flair to Madeline and this will  certainly be much less heart-wrenching.  Onto the story. Please remember, I will be sometimes giving some flashbacks of Natalie. This is set 20 years after my last post. I hope you all enjoy, and hey, send me some feedback! (This is more of a short story. The story line will move quite quickly.) There is a serious lack of pictures in this post…please bear with me, and if you have read it, please at least like it or give me some feedback, I want to know if its worth coming back with a new story. I’m aware that I haven’t been up to date on many blogs, and if there’s a blog you think I should read and catch up on (I haven’t commented in ages) then please link me in the comments. Thank you, and really this time, let’s move onto the story.

“Madeline, hurry up!” My mother’s loud voice erupted around the house. “I have an ultrasound soon and, of course, you’re going to college. So perhaps you’d like to join us before your Senior year?”Screenshot-1093

“I’m coming!” I moaned, stuffing a couple of Star Wars DVDs over the brand-new paintbrushes that my father had bought just for me. I always felt slightly closer to my father, as while he was often looking for jobs, he always was patient and had time for me. Mom always seemed to be busy, either with my 8 year old sister, Leia (the legend goes that she was conceived during A New Hope) or with the new baby that had the nickname “apricot”. Heaven forbid my weird family names the child Apricot. Or, even worse, Dalek. Or Loki. Or my godmother, Electra, calls it Misha. I grew up in a nerdy family, what can I say?

“Madeline!” My mother burst through the door of my room with a screech. Her purple eyes hesitantly scanned the room, biting her maroon lip. She always did this when she was looking for a flaw. I challenged her with a questioning stare with my grey  eyes, while slowly but surely hiding the Star Wars DVDs from her view.

“Madeline, are those Star Wars DVDs?” She asked me incredulously. “Are you kidding me?”

Dammit. Too late.

“Remember A New Hope mom?” I whipped out the box set and my mother’s face flushed. “Remember all those little details…?” By now her pretty face was blood red. Mom always had a reputation for blushing daintily, but now she seemed as red as the disastrous tomato gravy she had attempted to pull off last week. My father walked in with Leia on his hip and he gave a little impatient chuckle.

“You two done your conversation now? We need to get going.”

I zipped up my suitcase and exchanged my suitcase for Leia with my father. He gave me a twinkling grin and I realized why my mother had fallen for him all those years back. She was lucky to have him.

“I’m ready,” I grinned broadly as Leia clung to me. I attempted to place her on the ground, she was 8 years old for God’s sake, but she clung to me like a limpet and began to play with my hair, the same hair as dad’s. “I was just reminding Mom of the importance of the first ever Star Wars film.”

“Ah, well, without that first film the Death Star would be killing us all…”

“And Leia wouldn’t be here.” I finished my father’s sentence with a smirk as I strapped my sister in. “I view that as the family catchphrase,” I giggled. “You say it all the time and I adore ending the joke for you.”

“It’s the truth, as much as your mother wants to deny it. Your grandmother seems to have told everyone. I still wonder how she knows.” Dad began to back out the driveway. Mom was still clasping his hand over her belly. He was struggling to reverse, but he wouldn’t pull his hand off her faded,stretched “Challenge mother and proud” t-shirt for the world.

“You guys are loud, you know.” I retorted smugly. As soon as the words left my mouth both parents turned and stared at me in horror.

“What?” They chorused in shock.

“I sleep in the room next to you, we have thin walls…ugh, I could hardly sleep when you two were trying to conceive Apricot. Every night, the same sound over and over again…I’m just kidding!” I choked out in the fit of laughter that overwhelmed me. “You could tone it down though. Just a thought.”

I turned my glance towards my little sister, who happily was counting to ten. She seemed so content in her immature little world. I remember when I was so young, without any worries besides if Barney was returning for another season. Mind you, I don’t think I ever watched Barney. Mom told me I used to watch Who Wants To Be a Millionaire and shout out all the answers in my falsetto voice that has gradually became a low, scratchy alto.

“Deep in the meadow, under the willow
A bed of grass, a soft green pillow
Lay down your head, and close your sleepy eyes
And when again they open, the sun will rise.

Here it’s safe, here it’s warm
Here the daisies guard you from every harm
Here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow brings them true
Here is the place where I love you.”

I sang the song with Mom , sitting among thousands of daisies that waved their gentle petals a final goodbye in the autumn wind. Mom was still young, and beautiful. She was tying together several daisies to make a crown for me. Her sweet vibrato was soft but she sang clearly. She placed the daisy crown on my head, and said with in a whisper: “You may not be in the Hunger Games, Maddy, but you’ll always be my Katniss.”

“Madeline, have you checked the family Facebook page? Your eight brothers and sisters wish you good luck for Uni!” Mom’s voice shattered my flashback. “And your grandmothers have been messaging you like crazy but no response, send them a text back. Oh, and Tyson,” Mom said my boyfriend’s name delicately, “Says that he got you a meeting with one of the Sorority members! How fun will that be?”

“Erm, great.” Damn Tyson. My sexy ginger boyfriend seems to have forgotten the fact that I detest any type of clique and I, somewhat socially awkward, would not bond well with the mean girls that bear a striking resemblance to those who tormented me throughout most of High School, even when I was Valedictorian. Especially when I was Valedictorian.

I grabbed my cellphone out my bag and scrolled aimlessly through good luck messages from almost every 50 babies my mom had. There were messages from almost all my cousins and aunts and uncles- it didn’t help that both my grandmothers are challenge moms! There was even a message from my grandmother’s great friend and ex-fiance’ Clark Turner.

Good luck sweetheart. My godson Clark (named after me ^_^ ) is a Sophomore there. If you see him, say hi to him from me. Maybe stop him for some coffee? Lots of love, your favorite “grandpa” xxx
P.S- This is college! Carpe Diem,and all your wishes will come true

I replied straight away.

Good try Clarkie :p I know you, hating tyson and playing match maker. good one! Thanks for the wishes! xxx

“Well, here we are.” The SUV steered gently into the next lane and a beautiful Gothic-style building appeared among the branches of winter and the beginning of spring. I had been here before, but usually in the middle of the night.


“It’s stunning,” I gasped breathlessly as the car lightly drove to the dormitory, allowing us to examine the scenery around us. I pressed my nose against the window in awe as we passed couples drinking hot liquid that released a swirling, dreamy steam. They shared butterfly kisses and strolled hand in hand. A young boy was tripping over puddles of melted ice, his legs splayed wildly around as he attempted to catch his comic books. Dad pulled over in concern.


“You alright?”

“Yes sir,” The boy pushed his glasses cheekily up his prominent nose. He pushed back his floppy blonde fringe and grinned at me. “I’m just a little clumsy. Are you the next teacher, sir, or is your lovely daughter over here joining us?”

“I’m glad to say the second option,” Dad said dryly, taking the books out of the boy’s hand. “You seem to have a good collection- Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, some X-Men and then the DC side of things…Batman, Superman… I think by now I’d like to learn your name.” Dad’s peered out the car window frame. “My name’s Jones Lemi, this is my wife Natalie, my 8 year old daughter Leia, who’s right in the back…and in the seat behind me here’s my daughter Madeline.”

“Good to meet you all,” He smiled. “My name’s Clark, Clark Santos.” His blue eyes met my face excitedly, and  through the window he examined my face carefully, like it was a treasured item. “I know that Madeline here should be in Oasis hall, as today we were expecting someone with the initials M.L. If not there, it could be in one of the other dorms, because all-”

“She’ll be staying in Oasis Hall until she has a meeting with some of the Sorority sisters. Then she’ll hopefully be accepted there,” Mom interrupted him, a proud beam splitting across her face. She always wanted me to be involved with normality. This would probably be her proudest moment.

“Oh, so you’re in with that side of campus?” Clark asked disappointedly. “Oh, ok, well, have a nice day then Mr and Mrs Lemi-”

“Wait!” I rolled down my window frantically. “Clark, come back!”

“Madeline! Let the boy move along!” Mom complained.

“No Mrs Lemi, I don’t mind.”

“Do you want to show me around?  Could you show me around?” I asked desperately. “Please?”

Carpe Diem. Carpe Diem. Carpe Diem.

‘Well, sure, I guess, if that’s okay with you Mr and Mrs Lemi-”

“It’s fine,” Dad reassured him. “Just have her back at the dorm in an hour, we need to say bye.”

“See you!” I tumbled out the car urgently; frantically grabbing the opportunity to see the campus- the place where I would experience many memories, no doubt good and bad.

“So, Madeline, where’d you like to look?”

“Well, I don’t mind,” I shuffled timidly down the pathway, hands in pockets. “I don’t know the campus. Maybe you can show me the best hangouts.”

“Well, of course m’lady.” Clark bowed down to me and grinned sheepishly. “By the way, you look even more beautiful without the treacherous shatterproof glass separating our love.”

“Shut up,” I giggled. “Flattery will get you nowhere,” I straightened up my act, seeing us pass Tyson’s dorm. I wondered if he was inside, waiting for me. I wonder if he had red roses, like he usually got me…

“Well, here’s the comic book store, it’s my favorite place on campus,” I grinned at Clark’s eager face.

Before I could reply, a man with a pinched face greeted Clark. “I see you brought a friend back. My name is Stewart, how’d you do?”

“I’m great thanks Stewart. Clark was just showing me around, and he brought me here first. If you’ll just excuse me…” I slipped away politely as my phone gave some urgent beeps. The boys began to talk deeply, the contrast of Clark’s tenor and Stewart’s alto made an interesting harmony.

Where r u? their geting impatient!!!!

It was from Tyson. I tried to ignore the grammar and spelling errors, but frustration arose in me. Not about his weak language, I’m not that much of a grammar freak- but how he thought I’d go along with all this. I don’t want to be in a Sorority. None the least the Sorority of my boyfriend’s best friend.

I began to scroll through my messages from Tyson, and I paused for a second at the one he sent me on his first day of Uni. Funny how we’re opposite people

Luv u bubs..ya, im kwl, idiot showing me around skool. -_-


“Oh, good, Clark, let’s head on to the next-”

“Do you take me for some kind of fool?” Clark’s voice was quavering slightly with emotion. “I’m showing you around because I want to be nice! And you message your boyfriend saying I’m the idiot? Well, maybe, you’re right. I’m an idiot for even talking to someone like you. A Sorority girl. Typical.” Clark stormed out the shop, the cheerful dime on the door as he exited made me feel even more melancholy.

I don’t want to belong to a clique. I’m not a Sorority girl. I’m down to earth, I love comics, I have emotions, I love and know each film represented on each poster that’s stuck on these walls. I felt upset that Clark had stormed out, of course. But what began to frustrate and anger me was that I was being targeted as one of the girls that ruin young nerd’s lives. Just like they had ruined mine.

I began to sob slightly, and then I ran out the opposite door. I choked another sob out. I’m Madeline Lemi!  I thought angrily. And no-one is going to change that! I was running on a pathway now, and before I knew it I had collided with a mass of girls, pushing them into a mud puddle.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry…” I babbled. “I didn’t see you…”

The main girl stood up, and I recognized her straight away from Tyson’s pictures- Amy.

The pout, the clear blue eyes, the blemish-free face and, of course, the blond hair, slightly tinted brown from the mud.

“What the fuck was that about?” She yelled. I winced, wiping away tears, determined not to let fresh ones appear. “If you had opened your eyes, you would’ve… You know what, leave it. I have to go interview a new Sorority sister. Maybe you’ve heard of Madeline Lemi? I don’t suppose so.” She smirked smugly, pushing past me.


I knew then that I shouldn’t go into that interview- but I did. I saw Tyson standing in the doorway talking to someone. I walked up to him, ready to peck him on the cheek. His friend gave me a weird look, but he began to walk swiftly away.
“Madeline, no public displays of affection in the dormitory.” Tyson was stiff and awkward in my embrace. I doubt he even patted me on the back.

“Since when did you obey the rules?” I muttered flirtatiously, batting my eyelashes.

“Madeline, we’re going to be late.” Tyson pushed me away and my heart sank. I didn’t want to lose him.

He took my hand and lead me through a passage. Each room door was semi-open, so I could see the lights flashing, the suspicious smell of smoke from one, and interesting sounds from another completely darkened room. He lead me into one,  the door slightly ajar, which I remembered to be Tyson’s.

“Amy, this is Madeline.”

She sat on the bed, and it made me inwardly cry out. She sat on the bed where I had lost my virginity, cried, finished reading Gone With The Wind, the place where I attempted to smoke a joint (it failed, thank God.), where I had a private after-party after graduation with Tyson…And she sat on the bed like she owned it!  The recognition flickered over her face, but it was soon overwhelmed by an angelic grin.

“Hello Madeline. Why don’t you take a seat?”

I knew then that I was glad I’d brought the Star Wars box set. At the rate I was going, soon Obi-Wan and I would be alone.

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